Monday, February 8, 2010

Studio Hennessey has presented 800-hp Cadillac CTS-V

  Known American tuning-studio Hennessey Performance Engineering has "pumped" over sedan Cadillac CTS-V. Having taken for a basis standard model with 550-strong unit LSA V8, engineers have presented at once three "charged" versions of model. First of updatings has received the 650-hp motor, torque is of 870 Nm at 3400 rpm

Between "tweeter" and the "Woofer"

Acoustics - the most important link in the automotive audio system. That is it affects the sound quality, so if the budget is short, it is better to save on the head unit, where a considerable part of the cost falls on options, many of which are used to put it mildly, rarely. Speakers in the car must be set such that you are credible and respected by all others. We feature a speaker, and lotions hardly ever happens - are almost all going to sound. The relatively high price of the speakers, however, does not always guarantee high quality.