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The police of Australia has confiscated Mercedes-Benz Lewis Hemilton

The police of Australia has confiscated Mercedes-Benz Lewis Hemilton.jpg   Melbourne Police confiscated personal Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton for "improper use of the vehicle," reports Australian newspaper The Age. As it turned out, the pilot of McLaren in the suburbs of Melbourne committed "burnout" - skidded on the ground, with the smoke from the wheels.

   According to the newspaper, at 21:15 local time at the intersection of Fitzroy Street and Lakeside Drive Hamilton was arrested for having no apparent reason "burnt rubber" of his Mercedes-Benz. City police seized a car racer,

The best automobile brands of 2010 are named

The best automobile brands of 2010 are named.jpg   U.S. analytical agency Kelley Blue Book named the best automobile brands in 2010. List of leaders drawn up according to a study of consumer perception of brands. It is worth noting that many of the leaders of the ranking is not the first year to the top of the list.

   As it turned out, the best car brands consumers consider Porsche - Brand she won in three nominations: "The company, which produces the best sports cars," "Best Exterior Design" (the category of luxury brands) and "most" cool "automobile brands."

   "The most comfortable" is recognized as Lexus, also

At last "was lit" new Ferrari GTO

new Ferrari GTO.jpg   The official premiere of the charged supercar Ferrari 599 GTO is scheduled for April 7 (at the Beijing Auto Show). But now the Internet appeared the first photographs of the car without camouflage and concealment

  Recall that the last few months, almost every day there are spy photos of this long-awaited new items, which tested at

Ford did not hide the new design of Explorer

Ford did not hide the new design of Explorer.jpg   Next week in New York will begin an international auto show, which will be held several high-profile premieres. One of the debutants motor show should be a crossover Ford Explorer new generation, which in recent tests, there was almost no protection "uniforms".

   Ford has created a totally new crossover Explorer, which is not similar to the current generation car. "SUV" 2011 model year, built on a new platform D4, underlying vypuskemyh currently     Ford  Flex and Lincoln MKT. The design features of the machine can be traced concept car Explorer America Concept, presented

Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept not stay in the concepts

Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept not stay in the concepts.jpg   Many visitors to the International Auto Show in Detroit have been delighted with a concept car Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept, and, of course, were glad to learn that the leadership of the North American GM group endorsed the idea of serial production of the new sedan Cadillac.

  Journalists who were covering the motor show in Detroit, speculated that shiftworker both models - DTS and STS - will be put into production within two years, but now it became known that on the conveyor car will be next year. Exterior and interior new items are the same design concept Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept. Recall, the overall length of the concept sedan XTS Platinum Concept reaches 5,1 m, width - 1,9 m, height - 1,5 m, and the wheelbase is 2.8 m.

Most likely, the show-car production version of the sedan gets a 350-strong hybrid power plant,

Ford will bring to the Motor Show in Beijing, a prototype of a new model

Ford will bring to the Motor Show in Beijing, a prototype of a new model.jpg   At the Beijing Motor Show, which opens April 21 this year, Ford introduced a completely new concept car. This publication Autocar reports citing its own sources.

   The idea of a car has been filed with the U.S. branch of the company Ford, and the development of the concept car include units "Ford" in China. Detailed information about the new product has not yet been disclosed, but it is expected that the prototype is the forerunner of the serial car, which will be sold mainly in Asian markets, but will be equipped with units that are used on the models of Ford worldwide.

   Note that in addition to this concept car at the Motor Show in Beijing will be a presentation of the family car the next-generation

Almost half a million dollars will cost repair broken Pagani Zonda

Almost half a million dollars will cost repair broken Pagani Zonda.jpg   In September 2009, the Italian supercar Pagani Zonda got in an accident in Britain

   Journalists are thinking that driving a Pagani Zonda at the time of accident (the driver lost control, flew off the road and crashed into a telegraph pole) was a legendary racer - a three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart.

   But even more impressive invoice the insurance company for repair this exclusive coupe. Consequence of this is not too serious

What will be the next Porsche 911?

What will be the next Porsche 911.jpg   Already in 2011, Porsche will present the next generation of the legendary Model 911

   A car with an index 998 currently exceed passes the tests. The appearance of an heir is unlikely to be a revelation for fans of the brand. Rather, the design model will be implemented as features of the current 911, and original elements used in the Panamera and the new Cayenne. According to preliminary information, the car will be slightly lower and wider and more dynamic profile.

   The car has a little to change the location and shape of the front optics. In addition the side mirrors will move to the corners of glass on the door, as it was in the last 911 with air-cooled engine (993 series).

The official price of the Ferrari 599 GTO Fiorano learned informally

Ferrari 599 GTO.jpg   Journalists who made a real "hunt" for "charged" version of the supercar Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, after the first photo machines procured information about the cost model.

    Ferrari 599 GTO, is a convenient new, go on sale at a price of $ 426.000 in excess of $ 100,000 cost of a "donor" - 599 GTB Fiorano. Ordering options can substantially increase this amount. Thus, the $ 7.980 cost to the buyer causing racing stripes on the body, in the $ 7,700 - the choice of color "metallic". Leather

Jaguar XK: sports car will not spoil by "diesel"

Jaguar XK sports car will not spoil by diesel.jpg   In late winter, some media reported that the next generation Jaguar XK sports coupe will be equipped with a diesel engine, but it is now clear: a diesel engine may be under the hood of the current version of the model, which will be on the market for another two or three years.

   The British company is still arguing about whether to market diesel versions of the current generation XK, argues publication Autocar, relying on information from its own sources in the Jaguar. Opponents of the project say that after leaving the car running on diesel fuel, sales drop

Opel hurry with the release of minicar

Opel hurry with the release of minicar.jpg   Nick Reilly has promised dealers Opel «put pressure" with the development of a new compact model of the company.

   Before the advent of new ultra-compact model, Opel is still quite a long time, but the automaker is trying to raise around him as much as possible noise. At a meeting with Germanic dealers brands Opel and Chevrolet's CEO Nick Reilly assured those that automakers will accelerate the development of the new items.

   Reilly also announced that all future Opel cars will be developed exclusively in Germany. "He explained that the stamp" Made in Germany "will be visible on all future vehicles", - said Thomas

Ferrari 458 Italia has brought half a million for Haitians

Ferrari 458 Italia has brought half a million for Haitians.jpg   During the presentation Italia Ferrari 458 in the U.S., the first instance of the model sold at the charity auction.

   Global automotive industry continues to help residents of the island Haiti, Survivors of disaster. After General Motors, Chrysler and Lotus, felt good to a company Ferrari. Recently, the Italian automaker has a U.S. presentation of a new 458 Italia and a small charity auction.

   The main lot was Ferrari 458 Italia. Not that the guests heavily imbued with the fate of Haitians, not the Italian sports car was for them so desirable, but in the end the car went under the hammer for 530,000 dollars. Another 72 thousand dollars was saved for the Ferrari racing suit Fernando

Audi A3 increases range from 1.2-liter Turbo TFSI price

Audi A3.jpg   The smallest petrol engine in the range of models of Audi, made his way under the hood Cabriolet A3. Volume of 1.2-liter engine TFSI, 105 hp gives and therefore can replace the 1.6-liter version of the same power, torque from 175 Nm, that is 27% larger than 1.6.

   The engine is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox, allowing Cabriolet Audi A3 is capable of accelerating up to the first hundred for 12.2 seconds, top speed of 190 km / h. In turn, 1.6-liter analogue reached 100 km / h in 12.5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 183 km / h.

   1.2 TFSI also significantly more economical, consuming a combined cycle,

There are new options for the Volkswagen Touareg prices

There are new options for the Volkswagen Touareg.jpg   Division Volkswagen, engaged in fine-tuning is particularly popular models, announced the release of several fine options for version Touareg 2011.

   Volkswagen Exclusive talks about a completely new two-tone leather interior Nappa, using color Titan Black or Dark Burgundy in combination with Titan Black. But the main feature of the new interior is ventilated seats, it is best to get evaluated in hot weather, because the system does not allow seats heated above the desired temperature. Also appeared adjustment of seats for 12 axes, extra lateral support and new, more comfortable headrests.

   This package is called «Cool Leather» and can be purchased for versions Touareg V8 TDI and Touareg Hybrid for 1 725 euros.

   Also now available are new 19-inch alloy

Hybrid Porsche Cayenne S will appear on a motor show in New York

Hybrid Porsche Cayenne S.jpg   It has happened after the recent debut of the new Porsche Cayenne SUV at the Geneva Motor Show, the company will be able to provide a hybrid version of the new model as early as next week in New York.

   Designed primarily as a way to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, a hybrid Porsche Cayenne S will be equipped with the same hybrid drivetrain, as well as his rival hybrid Volkswagen Touareg 2011. This means that the power supercharged V-6 will make 333 horsepower, but with the addition of electric power overall "strength" is equal to 380 hp with 580 Nm of torque. The power unit will be equipped with automatic eight speed gearbox.

    Hybrid Porsche Cayenne S is equipped with a system of «hybrid controller», which coordinates the work of two completely different engines, let SUV to accelerate and to continue to move at a

Caught hybrid Honda Fit

Caught hybrid Honda Fit.jpg   The hybrid version of the Honda Fit should appear in the showrooms of the company closer to the end of this year, but fotoshpiony now give a first impression of the model. This prototype has been seen in Europe that can speak about the initial debut in the European part, and only then in the rest of the world.

   It turns out that photospy caught physical proof of the existence of a hybrid Honda Fit. A thorough and spot camouflage printed on the prototype, just and should hide the main external differences from the current hybrid production version.

   Sources say that the use of such technology, which requires additional or more powerful, and thus affect the overall battery internal space of the hybrid. Also worth mentioning the loss

Career wagon Ford Falcon is ended

Career wagon Ford Falcon is ended.jpg   This week, Ford announced that after nearly half a century of existence, resulted in the release wagon Falcon. The news can not be called surprising or unexpected, as to the finished wagon Mondeo.

   "After a detailed review and the meeting it was decided to stop assembling cars Ford Falcon» - said in

BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo Allrad will debut in New York

BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo Allrad.jpg   BMW is reported that at the motor show in New York will be a new Alpina B7 Biturbo Allrad. It is said that the model Alpina uncomfortable with all-wheel drive system (xDrive), so now this version will have more traction.

   BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo Allrad will be available in the short and long wheelbase, with three basic equipment - Comfort / Normal, Sport and Sport +. Regardless of the drive, the car is aimed at sporty driving style with the increased torque, not at the expense of dynamics and sustainability.

   "All-Wheel Drive system is associated with multiple systems, meaning that the car offers an unusually wide array of features that satisfy

Porsche Boxster Spyder 2011 prices

Porsche Boxster Spyder 2011 prices.jpg     The third version is in the range Boxster, joined the Boxster and Boxster S, is now released for sale. The German automaker said the cost roadster, which first debuted at the auto show in Los Angeles, in December last year.

  Weight Porsche Boxster Spyder is 1 275 kg, so a car is the lightest model in the line Porsche. The car is powered by a 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine, connected to the transfer of dual-clutch PDK. Engine output is 320 hp, maximum speed roadster over 265 km / h and is furnished with a roof.

   When equipped with PDK transmission and new Service Sports Chrono Spyder can accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds, in addition PDK gives the vehicle an average fuel

Subaru recalls 1 585 Tribeca SUV, 2010, due to problems with door locks

Subaru recalls 1 585 Tribeca SUV.jpg   It is reported that the off-road Subaru Tribeca 2010 discovered the defect caused by improper installation of doors in the process of assembling the car on the conveyor. As a result, the front door could open at any time, or vice versa does not get them close.

   In addition to what might happen drop passengers from the cabin, open the door bound to attract the attention of the driver, that may ultimately lead to a collision. Also, the doors can jam at all.

   National Authority for Traffic Safety (NHTSA) and vehicle owners had been notified about the defect, and has already begun the first reviews. New door locks will be installed free of charge.

   The latest version of Subaru Tribeca was introduced in 2007 at the motor show in New York, in essence, the model is an updated version of 2005. Off-road vehicle

Announced price Ford Mustang (1video)

Announced price Ford Mustang.jpg   North American automaker Ford, testified updated sports coupe Mustang, called the cost model, which was slightly lower than the main competitor Mustang - sports car Chevrolet Camaro.

   In the base configuration Ford Mustang with a 3.7-liter V6 engine with 305 hp and six-speed manual transmission is priced at $ 22.995. Average fuel consumption in town is 13 liters per 100 kilometers outside the city - 8.1 liters. Chevrolet Camaro sports car with a gasoline V-shaped "six" for sale in the North American market at

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Audi has set in motion RS5. (1 video. 3 photos)

Audi has set in motion RS5.jpg   At the last international motor show in Geneva, the German automaker Audi introduced the most powerful modification coupe A5, and today the company showed the official promo model RS5, sales of which will commence before the end of spring.

   Audi RS5 is equipped with 450-horsepower gasoline engine of 4.2 liters. Maximum torque of a V-shaped "G" achieves 430 Nm. According to official automaker data , Audi RS5 to 100 km / h and accelerates for 4.6 seconds, and "max speed" force is electronically limited to 250 km / hour. On request, the limiter can be removed, and in this case the maximum speed reaches 280 km / hour. Wheel-drive

Facelifted BMW X5 atonement to the conveyor. (2 photos)

Facelifted BMW X5 atonement on the conveyor.jpg    At the factory of the Bavarian concern BMW in Spartanburg started production facelifted version of the crossover X5, the official presentation of which is expected later this month at the International Auto Show in New York.

   On the outside, BMW X5 2011 model year, new bumpers, upgraded head and rear optics. In addition, designers prepared for the German crossover lineup of new wheels.

   Gamma of engines updated BMW X5 has four engines. The base engine will be turbocharged 3-liter power unit 302 HP and 400 Nm of torque. The top-modification "SUV" was 402-strong petrol engine volume 4.4 liters,

Supersedan Bugatti will appear in three years (4 photo)

Company Bugatti, is planning a three-year run in series production four door supersedan 16C Galibier, which was presented to the public in early March this year at the Motor Show in Geneva.

Supersedan Bugatti will be three years.jpg
   At the moment the final decision on the issue of such a vehicle has not yet been decided. However, according to sources, the magazine Autocar, top managers of the Volkswagen confident that the official statement about 16C Galibier on the conveyor will be announced immediately after selling a big stake in the manufacturer. Over 65 million of its preferred stock VW expects to rescue about four billion euros. Part of this amount will be directed to the production of new models of the concern.

   "One way or another, but we will be releasing this model (16C Galibier ). We are a very small company in the group VW, but also now an economic crisis, so questions about our activities and the release of the new machines are not a priority . Nevertheless, we expect that officially the launch of the sedan will be announced in the summer. So far, so good. The car

The driver has created congestion on the road to him sat an emergency plane

25 in by 30 in (635 mm by 762 mm) Interstate s...Image via Wikipedia
      In southern California driver helped to avoid casualties during an emergency landing light aircraft on the roadway, said San Bernardino Sun newspaper, with reference to local authorities.

    The incident occurred on Wednesday night on intercity highways, located to the west of the city of Pomona. According to the road patrol Matt Lentz, single-engine Citabria plane suddenly went down, and the pilot John Findley decided to put the aircraft on the highway

   As the representative of the Fire Service Captain Ed Lozano, one of the motorists, seeing the declining path over the plane began to move in zigzags, thereby slowing down the whole flow of cars.

Europeans changed to environmentally friendly, compact cars

Europeans changed to environmentally friendly, compact cars.jpg     The share of small car segments A and B in the European fleet has increased in 2009 to 45% compared with 38% in 2008. Such data leads the European Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (ACEA), stressing that the segment of mini-cars only showed an increase in the crisis year 2009. Thus, the average for Western Europe, the volume of car motor was only 1,625 cubic meters. cm, which correlates with the level of 1991.

    In ASEAN also noted that the market share of diesel cars traditionally enjoy high popularity in Europe has declined from 52,7 to 45,9%. Experts attribute this to the fact that the diesel versions, firstly, the majority of expensive gasoline, and secondly, the active introduction of new

Volkswagen called the cost of the new Sharan

Volkswagen called the cost of the new Sharan.jpg   New Volkswagen Sharan be cheaper previous version, it is that withdrawal should be after the publication of the German company renovated estate prices.

   The cost of basic Sharan now is 28 875 euros, which is 2 475 euros less in comparison with the previous model, and the estate had already accepted the application.

   The basic model uses a 1.4-liter gasoline engine TSI, 150 hp (110 kW), with average fuel consumption at 7.2 liters. 100 km. In turn, 2.0-liter TDI, issuing a 140 hp (103 kW) has a flow rate

Porsche introduces new packages for the Boxster and Cayman

Porsche introduces new packages for the Boxster and Cayman.jpg   Porsche has decided once again to tease their innovations. At this time for the Boxster roadster and coupe Cayman.

   Customers who feel that they need a new level of equipment can select the packages or Comfort

   Infotainment, while those who need more aesthetic improvements will be pleasantly surprised by the Service Design and Design Sport.

   The first option brings the Boxster and Cayman new 19-inch alloy wheels, in black matte color, black exhaust pipes, black side mirrors and tinted windows. The saloon car also appears predominance

Upgraded Lexus IS-F

Upgraded Lexus IS-F.jpg   Lexus IS-F got upgraded and now offers improved dynamics, new options and upgraded interior.

   The most important feature of the updated Lexus IS-F can be called a new suspension. In addition, 5.0-liter V-8 develops 423 hp and 505 Nm of torque, but the crackdown to the first "hundred" remained the same - 4.8 seconds, but top speed remains electronically limited at around 270 km / h. However, Lexus says that following the tests on Fuji International Speedway renovated car showed two-second improvement in acceleration.

   Now, Lexus IS-F will go to a new set of 19-inch alloy wheels, which will replace all the old range.

   Also for the IS-F has a new satellite navigation system with built-in hard drive 40 GB, with complete

Luxgen7, the Taiwan minivan can very much much

Luxgen7.jpg   Taiwan's first automaker Luxgen, on its domestic market has managed to surpass the commercial success of the entire line of Hyundai models only deprive the sole of his model - the minivan Luxgen7.

   The unexpected success has been attributed to the unique system Think +, which combines the latest technology and interface Windows CE Automotive. Think + consists of a display that can display video, audio, GPS navigation and warning system for danger.

   In addition to this system Luxgen7 is also equipped with other features that increase the comfort of travel and increase the safety of a minivan. For example, at a rate of less than 20 km / h System

Special Edition Mazda Axela Sport (Mazda3)

Special Edition Mazda Axela Sport (Mazda3).jpg   Mazda Motor Corporation announced the release of special issue of the Axela Sport (also known as a hatchback Mazda3).

   Special Edition, which reportedly offers attractive specifications, and new security system has gone on sale in Japan, the cost of which is located in the range of 19 500 ... 20 500.

    Version 1.5 S Style is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine, 15 or 16-inch alloy wheels, unique thresholds, LED lights and tinted glass (rear door and the door of the luggage). The model with 16-inch wheels optional leather sheath was steering wheel and 4.1-inch color

B&B completed the Volkswagen Scirocco R to 362 hp

B & B completed the Volkswagen Scirocco R to 362 hp.jpg   The German tuning-studio B&B offers a new technical package for the top of the range model Volkswagen Scirocco R

   The tuner offers a three-stage development program, which allows 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, standard capacity 265 hp be increased to 310, 324 or 362 "horses".

   The latest version of Volkswagen Scirocco R accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds,

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Price is declared Saab 9-5

Price is declared Saab 9-5.jpg    The Swedish company, this week resumed production of automobiles, has announced the price of their new sedan 9-5, the official presentation of which took place in September last year at the international motor show in Frankfurt.

    First cost Saab 9-5 found the inhabitants of Great Britain, where sales model will begin this summer, but the official dealers are taking orders today. In the basic configuration

BMW will no longer produces M3 Sedan

BMW will no longer produces M3 Sedan.jpg     The German auto company BMW will stop production of the sedan M3, when the light will see a new generation of BMW 3-series, known under the working title F30. According to foreign media, while at the same time, the automaker will continue to produce coupe and convertible M3, equipped with three-liter engine with two

Pamela Anderson has saved a whales' man's honor from carmakers

Pamela Anderson has saved a man's honor whales from carmakers.jpg   Russian car maker Russo-Balt, who turned out last year at the epicenter of an international scandal involving extravagant materials used in the decoration of super luxury SUV "Promarmor" whose value is calculated in a six-figure euro, rehabilitated himself, to find to decorate the car equivalent, against the use of which no objection environmentalists.

   "Russo-Balt" presented a Porsche 911, finishing in the interior of which used an artificial replacement of whale skin, made of vinyl. According to the developers, to touch the material exactly

The leaders of GM approved production of a new Cadillac sedan

The leaders of GM approved production of a new Cadillac sedan.jpg    Management of General Motors gave the green light to the project by issuing a new flagship sedan Cadillac, maked explanation of a concept car XTS, which was introduced earlier this year at the Motor Show in Detroit. According to the American edition of Motor Trend, citing its own sources inside GM, the car will hit dealerships in the U.S. next year. It is expected that the production of new items will be built at the factory of the group in Ontario.

   According to preliminary data, the exterior and interior serial Cadillac XTS, which is in the range of the company will replace

Honda Jazz Si - a car without a "peppercorn"

Honda Jazz Si a car without a peppercorn.jpg   Japanese automaker Honda announced the release to the market model in the new Jazz sports a complete set Si, technical "stuffing" which remained the same.

   Honda Jazz Si differs from other cars kitting 10-spoke alloy wheels dimension of 16 inches, chromed sports grille and the presence

Concern GM introduced prototypes of future cars

Concern GM introduced prototypes of future cars.jpg   At the exhibition in Shanghai General Motors concern presented three versions of the new concept car EN-V, which are created in order to demonstrate how this may look like a small city car in the near future. Prototypes were developed in conjunction with a Chinese partner of GM - the company SAIC, but the design of each of them carried out by various studios, but for the assembly and engineering meet the research department of the American group in Michigan, USA. This publication reports Autocar.

   Overall length and width of each version of the prototype EN-V

Ferrari 599 GTO tested Nurburgring (1 video)

Ferrari 599 GTO tested Nurburgring.jpg   Recently in the global network had the first video, recorded test the car on the racetrack.

   Supercar, called the Ferrari 599 GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato), was discovered at the legendary Nürburgring, where he was undergoing tests.

   According to rumors, the car will be completed with 6-liter V12 capable of delivering over 650 hp, wrote Carscoop. The mass of the model will reduce to 1 200 kg, had a positive impact on the controllability and dynamics of supercars. Expected to accelerate to the first "hundred" in the Ferrari 599 GTO is about 3.2 seconds

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti stolen and smashed

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti stolen and smashed.jpg   In Brazil, an accident involving a luxury sports coupe Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2005 release.

  Moreover, according to the owner of Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, it is only indirectly involved in the accident. Blame the criminals who stole an expensive Italian car with him. At gunpoint, attackers demanded to go very quickly, and as a result of the driver lost control and flew into the safety fence.

  After the collision, the bandits reportedly

Top executives of GM and Chrysler have cut wages

Top executives of GM and Chrysler have cut wages.jpg   According to the results in 2010 119 top managers of major U.S. companies including General Motors and Chrysler, will receive on average 15-33% less pay than a year earlier. With such a demand was made by Kenneth Feinberg, the Commissar of wages and a member of a special anti-crisis of the Supervisory Board at the U.S. government, reports the agency Bloomberg. Increased control over payment is

Updated Audi TT and the new VW Touran will appear at the motor show in Leipzig (2 photo)

Audi TT.jpg
   According to the organizers of the international motor show in Leipzig, which will be held from 10 to 18 April this year, in addition to the new BMW 5-Series and the version of BMW Touring a German saloon will world premiere - an updated version of his beloved Audi TT.

   In addition, also reported that Volkswagen will present its novelty, based on the platform of Golf, compact

First Ferrari 458 Italia was sold at auction (4 photo)

Ferrari 458 supercar.jpg    Last week Ferrari 458 Italia was presented officially. The guest list was very limited, it included celebrities and the most famous clients of the company.

   As befits a first version of the supercar Ferrari 458 Italia was sold at auction and the money went to charity, in this case to help the victims in Haiti. Guests were set very friendly, and the first model went for 530 000 dollars.

Chrysler will not produce a hybrid pickup Ram 1500

Chrysler Ram 1500.jpg   Despite the fact that the draft of a hybrid pickup Chrysler Ram 1500 for a very long time in development, the automaker said that the project will not go into mass production.

   Initially, Chrysler was going to run the pickup with a hybrid transmission, "2-Mode", but first the project was delayed and then canceled altogether.

   So what is "killed" a hybrid pickup? First, it is the economic

Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 will get to 515 hp

Stillen.jpg   Stillen tuning studio announced its intention to catch up to 515 "horses" the power of two is already fairly good supercar, namely, the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37.

   The new package involves refining the 3.7-liter V-6, says that engineers have already tested this power plant, and found that it is able not only to grant such power, but also to cope with it.

  "The guts" of the engine have changed substantially, but beyond that needed a more powerful cooling system, capable at any time to

BMW M3 with 527 hp

BMW M3.jpg   Being California tuning-studio Dinan, in the history of its existence has never tried to achieve similar results, as this time, they revised BMW M3 has issued 515 hp The project was named S3-R, in which under the hood of BMW instead of the original 4.0-liter V-8 was 4.6-liter.

Besides tuner worked with the exhaust system of a car, reviewed the available software, turned

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BMW 3-Series new-generation hatchback

BMW 3-Series new-generation hatchback will.jpg   At the disposal of magazine Automobile there were details about scale of cars BMW 3-Series following generation (intracorporate designation F30). In the line model will hatch and the first of the new products - the machine with the body "sedan" - will be presented at the end of next year and will go on sale in March 2012.

   Followed by a sedan - in September 2012 - to the dealers do the wagon, then - Coupe (September 2013th) and Convertible (March 2014-go). Hatchback 3-Series named Grand Turismo, is expected to debut in March 2013. The silhouette of this car will resemble

AMG preparing a "charged" version of the new Mercedes-Benz sedan (5 photo)

Mercedes-Benz - AMG.jpg    Tuning division of Mercedes-Benz - AMG - over the next few years, plans to launch a series of "charged" version of the new compact sedan of the Mercedes. He will be based on a model B-Class next generation and will be the ideological successor to the car 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II, was produced in the 90 years of the last century. It is reported by the British publication Autocar.

   Overall length of the new sedan, currently bearing the code name S117 Evo, is about 4500 millimeters. The appearance of new

Kia Magentis: now we know what will be the interior

Kia Magentis.jpg   New Kia Magentis will debut in April at the motor show in New York, and while the company continues to tease fans brand renewing photo gallery for future innovations. Recently, we have introduced readers to the fact will look like the new Kia Magentis, now offer a look at the interior of the car.

   Manufacturer hides the details of the new Kia Magentis, but it

The first photo racing Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3

supercar Mercedes-Benz SLS.jpg   Today in the internet leaked the first photos of the racing version of the supercar Mercedes-Benz SLS, also known as the Gullwing. According to British media, Brand new car will be closer to the next racing season. At this point the Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3 virtually nothing is known except that the eight-V-twin engine, mounted at the factory version of the model, "gives" 600 hp instead of 570 hp Also