Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BMW M3 with 527 hp

BMW M3.jpg   Being California tuning-studio Dinan, in the history of its existence has never tried to achieve similar results, as this time, they revised BMW M3 has issued 515 hp The project was named S3-R, in which under the hood of BMW instead of the original 4.0-liter V-8 was 4.6-liter.

Besides tuner worked with the exhaust system of a car, reviewed the available software, turned
his attention to the exterior, in order to give it the best streamlining in order to reduce drag. All new items are marked label tuner, so that confusion with the original components, not possible.

Installed car on 19-inch alloy wheels, with tires Michelin Pilot Sport II, size 275/30-19 front and Michelin Pilot Sport II 295/30-19 - rear.

Now the main thing. The new engine is able to issue a maximum 527 hp and 551 Nm of torque, with maximum speed of 322 km / h, but the tuner did not dare to sell such characteristics and stopped a little below.

BMW M3 1.jpg

BMW M3 2.jpg

BMW M3 3.jpg

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