Saturday, March 13, 2010

The new Lexus IS will be a hybrid and get the body wagon

   The company plans to develop for the Lexus IS models of the next generation modification of station wagon (the current car is only offered as a sedan or cabriolet), and include in the range of engines exclusively hybrid propulsion.


   Detailed information about the technical stuffing family vehicles Lexus IS is not reported. Note that at the moment, the Japanese manufacturer has only two "full hybrid" model, which offers no diesel or petrol engines - HS 250h and CT 200h. In power plant the first of these uses 2.4-liter engine with variable valve timing that operates on the Atkinson cycle, the electric motor and CVT. The second machine is equipped with a petrol unit volume

Ford shows in Las Vegas, the new "police interceptor" (2 foto)

cop1.jpg   Ford Motor Company will present in Las Vegas (USA), a new version of "interceptor" for the American police-based model Ford Taurus.

   Taurus Model in a police car will replace Sedan Ford Crown Victoria, which will cease production in September 2011.

   New car for U.S. law enforcement was developed with the participation of consultants from the police,

Dutch designer has created the first model of Saab-Spyker (4 foto)

saab1.jpg   Dutch automobile designer Edward Gray presented his vision of the car, which could become the first joint model Saab and Spyker. According to the author's series of three-dimensional images, a concept called Saab Spyker 9 + Tribute reflects the idea of a harmonious fusion characteristics of both brands. In this case, said E. Gray, a result not only seems to mechanical coupling of disparate parts, and creates a completely new way of car of the future. The designer hopes that this project will allow him to compete for the

Vegetation at the bikini zone prevented to ride car

   Amazes tragi-comic episode of carelessness behavior of women running their own car while doing business, very far from what is usually done are driving people, recorded the American traffic police.

   According to the police in Florida, 37-year-old Megan Mariah Barnes (Megan Mariah Barnes) entrusted wheel sitting in the passenger seat ex-husband, and she began to remove hair in the intimate zone. The trick has not led to anything good: The car crashed into a cargo van, in which there were two women.

   Culprit of the accident was not affected, but the passenger in the truck escaped with minor injuries, the network

Ford has equipped the truck F-Series Super Duty with new diesel engine

ford f.gif    Ford Motor Company included in the line of motor trucks Ford F-Series Super Duty new diesel engine that provides the best combination of power, torque and fuel consumption, the press service of the company.

   This 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel V8 Power Stroke, which F-series pickup trucks consume 18% less fuel than the model 2010.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chrysler introduced the minivan Pledge

171.jpg   Every automaker wants to sell as many cars, but it is necessary to regularly update its range, not forgetting to release new models. Chrysler became the latest addition minivan Pledge.

  At Chrysler LLC said that all bought Pledge, will be able to return it within 60 days, if something does not suit the client.

  "Approximately 67% of buyers of minivans - is the previous owners of such vehicles. Nine consecutive years, Chrysler becomes the winner in the nomination of the best minivan. "- say in Chrysler.

  Such a program of buying a new minivan will run until March 31.

  Chrysler Group is confident that we offer the best minivan in the world, and we want our customers to feel this. This state gives you peace of mind that they bought the best minivan in the world.

Toyota Auris - now hybrid (1video)

161.jpeg   Hatchback Toyota Auris, breaking half of the life cycle, in order to keep pace with competitors, has undergone a small upgrade. An updated version of the Toyota Auris Japanese conglomerate presented at held at Geneva Motor Show, which was also shown crossover RAV4.

   On the outside, Toyota Auris cosmetic changes affected bumpers, lenses, hood, mirrors, which are set doubles turn signals, and grille. In addition, the car produced a new

Swiss tuning Porsche Panamera by Fab Design (2 foto)

151.jpg   The Swiss tuning-studio Fab Design in "home" car show in Geneva for the first time presented its own stand, which adorn the elaborated version of the four-compartment Porsche Panamera Turbo.

   Fab Design experts , usually specializing in fine-tuning the model number of Mercedes-Benz, have changed their addiction, "charges" Porsche Panamera. In the studio set up

"Space" Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

141.jpg  At the Geneva Motor Show studio Mansory showed SUV G-Couture, which is a carbon version of the famous car Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG.

  The body of the legendary off-roader, Mansory experts , dared to make a full carbon, pressed under high pressure. Representatives of the studio reported that pressed carbon because of its high cost is mainly used today in aviation and astronautics. Mansory G-Couture put on the 23-inch alloy

In South Africa, developed electrocar Joule

131.jpg electric car
In South Africa, developed electrocar Joule At the Geneva Motor Show debut preproduction prototype of the electric Joule. Its creator is a South African company Optimal Energy, a partner in the design made famous studio Zagato. Four minivan driven transversely located 101 hp electric motor which develops 280 Nm of torque. Power Battery capacity of 36 kW * h further fueled by the recovery of braking energy, it is enough

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brabus E-Class has equipped 800-hp motor (foto)

121.jpg   German tuning studio Brabus, specializing in fine-tuning cars Mercedes-Benz, provided Coupe E-Class with 800-horsepower engine. Wizards studio equipped with the factory Mercedes-Benz E-Class 12-cylinder V-twin engine of 6.3 liters with two turbines. Power unit makes 800 hp and torque of 1420 Nm. Note that the motor company has already used in the model E V12 Black Baron,

Mazda will equip all new models of a safety brake

Mazda Motor Company plans to equip all new models of brand electronic fuse brake system and the accelerator pedal, writes Bloomberg.

In the case of simultaneous pressing the brake pedal and gas, the car with a fuse set does not respond. As the newspaper writes, to make this decision in the Mazda came against the background of the experience of Toyota Motor.

Mazda design chief once again is going to revive the RX-7

   Chief designer of Mazda Motor Corporation Ikuo Maeda again declared the need to return to the market model Mazda RX-7.

   The designer talked about the revival of earlier models, and even promised to soon provide the concept, but the company management decided

Electrocar Seat IBe become a serial

    Seat Company will soon go into production Electrocar, created in explanation of the concept car IBe, the world premiere of which took place at the Geneva Motor Show . Release of such a car will become part of the development in Spain, environmentally friendly transport, but the precise timing of commodity IBe on the line is not yet known. It is reported by the British

Price Opel Meriva Announced (1foto, 1video)

   On the presentation of the second-generation Meriva at the Geneva Motor Show , the German company Opel announced price of the car, which compared to other minivans will be allocated an unusual system of opening the rear door.

   The model developed based on the concept of the same name, which was shown at Geneva two years ago,

Christina Aguilera has helped Haiti new model Chrysler (1photo 1video)

   The stars of the world of show business for his own PR trying to seize the slightest pretext - whether it be a secular party with the presence of the press, the scandalous details of his personal life or even unruly elements such as earthquake disaster in Haiti, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. It was recently forced the American singer Christina Aguilera to have to try their hand at design of a new car model.
  Pop star created the interior design of the new car Chrysler 300, known as EcoStyle By Christina

Police chased a Prius with a defective accelerator

8.jpg Toyota   In San Diego (California) police car performed the role of the brakes for Toyota Prius with a known problem with accelerator pedal.

     61-year-old James Sykes moved on his Prius on the highway when he realized that in his car "primer" gas pedal and he can not even move the selector gearshift in neutral position. California police had to urgently send a patrol car in order to stop the Prius. The vehicle had to overtake a vehicle breakdown and act as a brake, gradually slowing the defective car.

British electric car will fight for $ 10 million

    Electrocar E4 Coupe, designed by British firm Delta Motorsport, will compete for the grand prize - $ 10 million - in the competition of environmentally friendly cars X-Prize. This competition in 2010 will include five stages, and was organized by the insurance company Progressive Insurance.

   Conditions imposed on the participants of the contest is simple: electric car should be able to get at least 200 miles

Mika Hakkinen: "Schumacher is able to overcome the young"

  Two-time world champion and former rival Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, completing his career at the age of 33, expressed confidence that the German driver, who went to the fifth decade, he returned to Formula 1 for the victory.

  According to Mika Hakkinen, if only

BMW 5 2011 with extended wheelbase

   All those who really like the BMW 5-Series, but not like its compact size. Germans are going to release a version with extended wheelbase, because it is such a prototype was photographed by spies on the winter testing.

   It seems that the car will be

Tom Cruise hit the SUV

   Known for his passion for motorcycles famous actor again "noted" in an accident, driving a powerful two-wheeled vehicle, which happened on a street in Los Angeles in the cluster of witnesses and the witnesses of the accident. However, the press office of the stars does not recognize the fact of the accident, apparently fearing for the impeccable reputation wife

Infiniti M35 sided with environmentalists (1photo, 1video)

   A luxury division of Nissan - Infiniti - at Geneva Motor Show was marked by its first hybrid sedan that was Infiniti M35.

  Luxury Sedan Infiniti M35 Hybrid is  equipped with a 3.5-liter gasoline V6 engine and 68-horsepower electric motor, receiving energy from a set of lithium-ion batteries. Company representatives said

Sunday, March 7, 2010

GM sold a Saab to Netherlands "Spyker Cars"

  General Motors has completed a deal to sell its Swedish unit Saab Automobile to sports car manufacturer "Spyker Cars" (Netherlands), the press service of GM. Henceforth, Saabwhich liquidation process has began in January, is taken over by new owner, as announced earlier curtailing production stops. It was reported earlier that the deal amounted to $ 400 billion, the bulk of them (326 million dollars) General Motors will receive in the form of preferred shares, a merger of Spyker and Saab.

Volkswagen will conquer the market of "green" cars

   German auto giant Volkswagen has shared its plans to produce environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient cars, intending to be a leader in next 8 years in the electric vehicles' segment.
  Over the next three years in the Volkswagen product line will