Friday, March 12, 2010

Swiss tuning Porsche Panamera by Fab Design (2 foto)

151.jpg   The Swiss tuning-studio Fab Design in "home" car show in Geneva for the first time presented its own stand, which adorn the elaborated version of the four-compartment Porsche Panamera Turbo.

   Fab Design experts , usually specializing in fine-tuning the model number of Mercedes-Benz, have changed their addiction, "charges" Porsche Panamera. In the studio set up
on four-door coupe new front bumper with extended openings for air intake, front spoiler, carbon hood, side "gills" new "skirt". In the rear of the Porsche Panamera appeared upgraded spoiler, spoiler, made of carbon fiber, the cone with three integrated exhaust pipes, which are located in the center of "stern". Porsche Panamera lowered the suspension by 20 mm and "shod" model in the 22-inch alloy wheels.

   Standard 500-horsepower gasoline engine in the studio Fab Design boosted to 700 hp According to some reports, with the upgraded 4.8-liter setting the acceleration time to "hundreds" takes 3 with small seconds and a top speed exceeding 320 km / hour. Total Swiss studio plans to release 15 copies of the model.



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