Friday, March 19, 2010

Japanese police could arrest the owners of Prius

  In Japan, the owners of the Toyota Prius, have violated the traffic rules ostensibly due to the failure of the brakes, could be arrested if the onboard "black box" will show

GM recalls nearly 8000 Cadillac CTS with faulty brakes

Cadillac CTS.jpg   The American automobile concern General Motors withdraws 7 thousand 942 cars Cadillac CTS with the market in China in connection with defects in the braking system of vehicles. According to the report of the Office of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of China, a batch of cars were found faults, resulting in leakage of brake fluid, reports the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

   Also reported that the recall of defective vehicles

Toyota calls for an apology from ABC TV

   Toyota Motor Corporation has demanded an apology from the U.S. television ABC News for "irresponsible" reporting, in which TV people were tied uncontrolled acceleration of Toyota vehicles with an

NHTSA: Prius in an accident in New York may be to blame the driver

Prius.jpg  The U.S. Agency Road Safety NHTSA formally acknowledged that the cause of the accident the car Toyota Prius in the State of New York can be a driver error and not a defect car, writes

In Ohio have broken supercar Ford GT (4 foto)

Ford GT.jpg   In Ohio, an accident happened involving the legendary supercar Ford GT.

  The accident occurred on highway I-71 in Hamilton County. The driver of a silver Ford GT coupe failed to control such a powerful car and drove at speed in a roadside fence.

  Now the Ford GT sports worth about 150 thousand

Hyundai - № 1 in customer loyalty rating

Hyundai - № 1 in customer loyalty rating.jpg
  Following studies of the American company Kelley Blue Book in the rating of consumer loyalty to a company car brands Hyundai took the first position. Compared with the fourth quarter of last year, the Korean automaker was in third place, trailing their competitors, but in early 2010 much has changed. Now when buying a new car 56.3% of U.S. owners of Hyundai again choose a car of the same brand.

  According to James Bell, worked as an analyst Kelley Blue Book,

Wagon Mercedes-Benz C-Class (3 foto)

Wagon Mercedes-Benz C-Class.jpg   Last week, spy photos have shown us the updated sedan Mercedes-Benz C-Class, this week was seen a new station wagon.

  Naturally wagon was almost the same changes as the sedan, including a new hood, LED headlights, bumpers.

  Photo spies also suggested

Kia Forte Koup received R Package (3 photo)

Kia.jpg   Company Kia reported the appearance of a sports package R for Forte Koup.

  The package will be available as a series of special accessories, and will be offered for models SX and EX. Technically, the car will change the air filter, you are a sports exhaust system and improved suspension with a more severe shock

Release Toyota Aygo Black

Toyota Aygo Black.jpg   Toyota Aygo Black model is based on the Aygo + and offers a new interior and a transformation of the body. The car was unique paint finishes and new 14-inch alloy wheels. The interior was leather Alcantara, for steering, gearbox and handbrake, etc.

   Toyota Aygo Black actuated 1.0-liter gasoline engine VVT-i, a capacity of 68 hp at 6 000 rpm and 93 Nm of torque at 3 600 rpm. Connected to the five-speed gearbox, the car has

IngoCar by Valentin Technologies

IngoCar.jpg   Valentin Technologies Company introduced five-seat, four door IngoCar, a car that is powered by a completely innovative hydraulic drive, meaning that this device becomes the main driving force.

   During the braking energy released by all the "going" into the receiver, and the manufacturer claims that IngoCar can reach 100 km / h is n the expiration of 4.0 seconds and has a working range for 1 600 miles on one tank of fuel.

  "At last, in a small car combined high technology and the significant range of distance" - said in a

Electro MINI is gaining popularity

MINI.jpg   Electric version MINI becomes, in most countries, just a hit. Most clients BMW took the opportunity to rent this electrocar, after the expiration of which, expressed a desire to buy it as soon as it goes on sale.

  Earlier this year, BMW has released the first results of tests MINI E, according to which the car has a range of almost 150 km range, which is quite acceptable for daily commuting and charging the batteries can be made from the usual outlets, without any complications.

  "Electric MINI, it is not a miniature version of other models of MINI, a full-fledged car, with all its traditions, by which he is so popular around the world" - the company reported.

  At the Geneva Motor Show BMW announced the launch of the first 700 units of MINI E, based on the concept ActivE. While the car reminds 1st Series BMW, which incidentally, will be the basis for future electric company.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mazda has released a modification MX-5

Mazda.jpg   The Japanese company, noted last year, a 20-year anniversary of the MX-5 roadster, at the recent Geneva Motor Show, presented a special series model - 20th Anniversary Edition, which is designed for the European market, and French motorists seem to be able to purchase another "overalls "- MX-5 Black & Matte Edition.

   Name of a special series of Japanese roadster Mazda MX-5 was due to the matt black body. In black, according to official photographs, painted and 10-spoke alloy wheels. A special series

The first "movie" about the new Porsche 911 took off without a director (video)

Porsche.jpg    The following year, German automaker Porsche has formally introduce a new generation of 911-th model, as long as you can see the car in absentia - to "spy" pictures and videos made during the testing model.

   In the exterior of the Porsche 911, according to the latest photo and video, drastic changes we should not expect. On the outside, the prototype sports car of the next generation can see the head optics with LED daylight lamps, new bumpers, rear LED-lights and outside mirrors in style four-door coupé Panamera. In the rear of the model, which is covered with "camouflage" will be a new active rear spoiler. Visually, the car was slightly longer and wider than the current generation of 911, reports Autocar.

    It is expected that the transformed Porsche 911 with improved aerodynamics

Toyota Company announced the recall of two Tundra pickups

Toyota Tundra.jpg   Company Toyota, currently recalled across the globe about nine million vehicles, announced a new service campaign in the United States. She started to remove the defect only in two-wheel-drive Tundra pickup 2010 model year. According to the publication of Inside Line, at the time of detection of faults to dealers arrived and were sold only two "Tundra." Another 500 copies of this model with a similar breakdown had been detained at the plant.

   According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration USA (NHTSA), have withdrawn pickup Toyota Tundra welding

New McLaren supercar acceleration to 200 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds

MLaren.jpg   On Thursday at the headquarters of the company McLaren Automotive in the British town of Woking, Berkshire, a presentation of super MP4-12C - the first new model from this manufacturer since the legendary F1.

  From zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and new break up in less than three seconds, and up to 200 kilometers per hour - for 10 seconds. For comparison, the acceleration to the same speed at supercar Porsche 911 Turbo S, Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera is 10,8, 10,4 and 10,2 seconds respectively. A quarter of a mile coupe McLaren MP4-12C passes for 11 seconds, and for a complete stop from 200 kilometers per hour and the car takes only five seconds. Maximum speed of the machine is 320 kilometers per hour.

  Overall length of the British supercar is 4507 mm, width - 1908 mm, and height - 1199 mm. Vehicle weight is 1,300 kilograms, which is 80 kilograms less than that of one of the main

Porsche and Lincoln are named the most reliable

   Porsche and Lincoln won the first and second places in the ranking of the American consumer organizations JD Power and Associates reliability.

   According to the rating, in cars Porsche 110 was found probelm for 100 cars. The owners of Lincoln told about 114 failures an hundred machines. Third place with a share index of 115 brands Buick and Lexus, and the most problem with the index 225 was Land Rover.

BMW will release his first car with front-wheel drive

BMW Logo in Düsseldorf Hellerhof: Hans Branden...Image via Wikipedia
  At the annual press conference in Germany, general manager of the Bavarian automaker BMW, Norbert Reithofer has officially confirmed plans to release a new compact model with front drive, which will compete with hatchback luxury  Audi A1, presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

  Bavarians are going to create a unified architecture that will form the basis of new small-sized cars. It is reported that the platform will be released not only front-wheel models, but cars with wheel-drive system. Earlier it was reported that the platform a new compact car BMW MINI Cooper will share

Drivers began to complain is twice more often of malfunctions Toyota after repair

  Number of complaints on the spontaneous acceleration of cars Toyota, occurring after the repair service during the campaign, two weeks increased from 60 to 105 pieces. According to AP, the complaint of owners of these vehicles arrived at the site or the hotline of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration USA (NHTSA) and the reliability of these cases can not be confirmed by independent experts. Motorists argued that the problem began to appear just a few days after visiting the service station, where they were to eliminate the defect.

  According to news agency AP Moschiki John, who lives in Oregon and is the owner of one of caught in the tip sedans Toyota Camry, before attending the service station his car spontaneously

BMW X6 M is more powerful than by Nowack

BMW X6.jpg  Not so well known tuning studio Nowack Motors, added the already powerful BMW X6 M have a little more power, so now develops 715 hp SUV and 845 Nm of torque. Initially, twin-turbocharged V-8, the volume of 4.8 liters. gave out 555 hp and 677 Nm.

   The process of refinement of the engine was not so simple, the tuner had to bore the engine to adapt the new pistons, coated with a special compound which reduces friction. The car also

Lingenfelter upgraded Cadillac CTS-V, price

Cadillac.jpg   Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Company offered service pack for Cadillac CTS-V, through which 6.2-liter V-8 engine now outputs 630 hp and 850 Nm of torque, instead of serial 556 hp and 747 Nm.

   The only external modernization Cadillac CTS-V was the appearance on the back of the emblem tuner. Package valued

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Honda Pilot Touring 2011 (6 foto)

Honda.jpg   The company introduced the new Honda parts for  SUV Pilot Touring, is now entering the second generation. The updated model comes with a navigation system, Honda Satellite-Linked, for version Pilot EX-L.

  All Honda Pilot Touring 2011 driven by 250 horsepower i-VTEC V6, coupled with a maximum capacity of

Prior Design subrules Ford Mustang (3 foto)

Mustang.jpg   Ford Mustang is the embodiment of the power of American cars. However tuner Prior Design has decided to slightly tweak the exterior of the car, considering that the original Mustang did not have the necessary visual aggression.

   Tuning Ford Mustang started with the manufacture of new wheels, which are represented in a wide range

Daimler may eliminate the brand Maybach

Maybach.jpg   The legendary brand Maybach luxury cars can be eliminated, says Auto Express, citing informed sources. Concern Daimler is considering such an option, because the global economic crisis is finally shattered by the position of the brand, sales of which have ceased to grow further in 2007. The last chord of the Maybach may be the last restyling its only model, which will show in

list of cars with the most expensive insurance

Porshe.jpg website published the results of the annual cost of automobile insurance studies in the United States. The greatest amount for the policy among the 2010 model year cars will have to pay to the owner (assuming that he was 40 years old and if he had previously traveled without accidents) sports car Porsche Carrera GT2 - 2943 dollar and 78 cents. The least expensive is insurance for the crossover Mazda Tribute I - 1070 dollars and 25 cents. Among the expensive pickups and minivans, the cheapest insurance will be at the GMC Canyon WT and Honda Odyssey LX, respectively.

  "The cheapest policies available for vehicles in which no one wants to go, but you have to. And the most expensive in the machines, whose owners are not obliged to ride

Top-manager of Audi has confirmed the development of the track version of the R8 supercar

Audi R8.jpg   Audi top manager Armin Keppler confirmed rumors about the preparation of the track modifications supercar R8, which will be certified for use on public roads and will compete with a Porsche 911 GT3. According to Kepler, a copy of such a car is already built and approved by the VW Group boss Ferdinand Pihom. Nevertheless, the final decision about running supercar into production yet been made. It is reported by the British publication Autocar.

  Novelty will be built on the base rear-wheel drive race car Audi R8 GT3, winning last year's European Championship FIA GT race in his debut season. Now the German manufacturer of orders

ENCO revised Audi Q5 (3 photo)

Audi Q5.jpg   Natural selection and the struggle for existence are the foundation of survival in the wild, about the same allegations have different tuning-studio, creating their projects, based on serial options, on which producers were not even. Automobiles are becoming more powerful and more aggressive.

  One such example can serve as ENCO Audi Q5 - tuning-studio, bestowed SUV aerodynamic weather-cloth body and 500 hp

   German tuner offers a new SUV bumper, got big air

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the line of Infiniti flagship will change

infiniti.jpg     The Japanese company Infiniti, ceases in 2006 Issue sedan Q45, apparently abandoned the idea of issue in the coming years a new generation of car series Q, which automatically makes the flagship of the "luxury" brand Nissan Sedan Infiniti M56.

   Reasons for Infiniti in the decision was made not to create a new generation of Q45, are, as they say, on the surface. First, today's model range sedan is Infiniti M56, which in the U.S. with 420-horsepower 5.6-liter and rear-wheel drive is

American rival Bugatti Veyron show in late March

venom gt.jpg   American company Hennessey Performance Engineering, specializing in tuning cars, released a video teaser of the first own model - Venom GT. The world premiere of the car, which according to its technical characteristics will be able to compete hypercar Bugatti Veyron, will be held on March 30 this year. Note that previously a novelty in the studio had planned to bring to the Motor Show in Geneva, but the machine did not appear on the show - it did not have time to prepare.

   Supercar to be built on a lengthened by 60 centimeters and 30 centimeters of the expanded platform sports car Lotus Exige S, but its mass will be only 1,086 kilograms. Rear-wheel

Cadillac brought on the road "charged" Wagon CTS-V (2 photo)

Cadillac CTS-V.jpg   While many trusts are working to decrease the number of "horses" under the hood of his car, the American automaker Cadillac, not succumbing to fashion trends started to test one of the world's most powerful station wagon called the CTS-V.

   Recently, journalists were the first to take pictures of "charged" wagon Cadillac CTS-V, which was submitted for testing without camo. The car, according to preliminary data, is equipped with a V-shaped "figure eight" with the supercharged power of 556 hp Step up to first "hundred" in the model will take about 4 seconds and a top speed of the order of 300 km / hour, making

"Pink" ads Hyundai frightened American TV personalities (video)


U.S. television, which markets itself as one of the most liberal and tolerant, showed that in fact these types of things are not as smooth as in words. Tv ad for a leading South Korean automaker Hyundai, is designed for North American market, where very gently used lesbian motifs, was ignored by all TV channels of the country.

Advertising spot with the slogan "Smart Is In", causing the association with same-sex relationships, has been shown only in Canada during the Vancouver Olympics while American promoters found it a demonstration by local television stations are not desirable.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Exclusive Audi Q7 from ENCO Exclusive

audi.jpg    The German tuners from the studio ENCO Exclusive, not too well known outside their home country, developed for the new Audi Q7 crossover tuning package.

    Employees studio focused on fine-tuning exterior modifications of a diesel Audi Q7 with a 3-liter engine TDI, extending the wheel wells and established a model of body-kit from

The BMW Group has presented the 5-Series station "wagon" (5 foto, 1 video)

bmw.jpg  The official premiere of wagon will be at the car show in Leipzig, opens in April. The new car is built on the platform of a sedan without major improvements (except remapped suspension) and has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution along the axes.

  The new wagon has turned out bigger than its predecessor - its wheelbase has increased by nearly 80 millimeters, while

Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru will create a single standard of electric car

  Toyota Motor and three other major Japanese auto manufacturers announced the creation of associations, which will deal with the promotion of electric vehicles. The founders of the new business association were Toyota, Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Motors and Fuji Heavy Industries, which owns brand Subaru, as well as the Electricity Corporation Tokyo Electric Power. Overall, the association includes about 160 companies, including foreign and governmental organizations.

   "Auto manufacturers are competing in many areas, but the industry is in need of collective efforts to increase the comfort of consumers", - commented on the creation of associations operating officer Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan.

   Members of association aimed at building standardize charging stations for electric vehicles and the distribution of standardized technology to foreign markets. At present, the introduction of electric vehicles is at an experimental stage, and charging stations vary considerably in technical standards, including supply voltage, the type of connector and the speed of recharging.

Saab 9-5 SportCombi "comes on the heels of" sedan

saab.jpg   Swedish Saab, which is just a few weeks ago, threatened with closure, continued run-in of the new station wagon 9-5 SportCombi, built on the basis of the same name sedan, whose sales will begin in late spring.

   Design the front of the station wagon Saab 9-5 SportCombi, the photographs covered camouflage, is the same as the style of the sedan, which was introduced in September last

In the United States is accelerating out of control not only in Toyota

   In 110 cases of fatal accidents in the United States that occurred due to uncontrolled acceleration of the car, only 51 items appear on Toyota Motor, Bloomberg writes, citing sources in the American agency road safety NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

   Total since 1980 the agency received information about 15174 cases of loss of control over the vehicle at a speed of which 141 were investigated, of which 112 incidents found to have occurred due to driver errors.

NHTSA was unable to determine the cause of self-acceleration Toyota Prius

prius.jpg   Employees of American service road safety NHTSA and Toyota Motor's engineers were unable to repeat the case of uncontrolled acceleration of the car Toyota Prius, owned by a resident of California, James Sykes, said Bloombmerg.

    As previously reported, Sykes managed to stop the car on the highway near the city of San Diego's only by collision with a patrol car. According to the most Sykes, pedal Prius did not react to touch. After the accident the car was seized for Sykes co-research specialists NHTSA Toyota Motor.

New York taxi drivers in the two years cheated passengers at $ 8.3 million

taxi.jpg   In New York due to a complaint by a taxi passengers found that taxi drivers over the past two years and a half times the inflated value of their traffic, reports The Telegraph. According to the audit, during which time the passengers had been illegally taken extra $ 8.3 million

  It is reported that due to a database of GPS receivers taxi in New York became known that 35 thousand taxi drivers so cheated passengers.

  Separately noted that 3 thousand taxi drivers took more than 100 times with clients twice more than the sum.

  As stated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, after checking the perpetrators must be brought to punishment.

Premiere of the next-generation Kia Optima will be held in New York (2 photo)

kia.jpg   The next generation Kia Optima, in some markets also known as the Magentis will be presented next month at the auto show in New York.

   "The new Kia Optima should be surprised - they say in the company. "This did not expect from Kia."

   The next generation Kia Optima will become more athletic, as from the standpoint of performance, and in terms of internal space. Big wheel arches, extended wheelbase, bold images