Monday, March 15, 2010

Exclusive Audi Q7 from ENCO Exclusive

audi.jpg    The German tuners from the studio ENCO Exclusive, not too well known outside their home country, developed for the new Audi Q7 crossover tuning package.

    Employees studio focused on fine-tuning exterior modifications of a diesel Audi Q7 with a 3-liter engine TDI, extending the wheel wells and established a model of body-kit from
the crossover Q7 V12 plus a new grille, headlights and other carbon-fiber hood. In addition to the massive 23-inch rims with tires Dunlop SP Sport Maxx car was ceramic brakes, like a Porsche Cayenne, and underestimated suspension. The body model is painted in matt black.

  In the cabin diesel Audi Q7, a new steering wheel, a multimedia system and a carbon paste bronze color.

  Engine Crossover No changes have been.

   The cost of finishing studio valued at € 38,000, but, writes WCF, some details of the tuning package, customers can be neglected, which greatly reduce the price of it.



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