Thursday, March 18, 2010

BMW X6 M is more powerful than by Nowack

BMW X6.jpg  Not so well known tuning studio Nowack Motors, added the already powerful BMW X6 M have a little more power, so now develops 715 hp SUV and 845 Nm of torque. Initially, twin-turbocharged V-8, the volume of 4.8 liters. gave out 555 hp and 677 Nm.

   The process of refinement of the engine was not so simple, the tuner had to bore the engine to adapt the new pistons, coated with a special compound which reduces friction. The car also
received a new crankshaft, new injection system and so on.

  Coming Nowack replaced the exhaust system, put the sports collectors and muffler, the finishing touches on refining the system was modified ECU. The tuner said that the maximum torque is available already at 2 000 rpm, and maximum speed BMW X6 M will be 330 km / h, but only because of limitations in electronics.

  For such an engine and needed a new brake system and new suspension, which was also done. The most demanding customers can request and optimized transmission. The only change was the appearance of the exterior of an SUV 22-inch rims.

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