Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tom Cruise hit the SUV

   Known for his passion for motorcycles famous actor again "noted" in an accident, driving a powerful two-wheeled vehicle, which happened on a street in Los Angeles in the cluster of witnesses and the witnesses of the accident. However, the press office of the stars does not recognize the fact of the accident, apparently fearing for the impeccable reputation wife
Katie Holmes.

  Two witnesses say that Tom Cruise has been involved in an accident at 3 pm March 7 in Los Angeles at La Sienegi Boulevard.

  He moved in the direction of Sherwood, when the car passed the stop sign in front of him. Tom leaned to the left, his red Ducati motorcycle slid forward and hit a brown SUV. Five people have helped the actor get up and push the bike to the side.

  The motorcycle was damaged, so Tom left him and ran down the sidewalk, not wanting to chat with onlookers. Eyewitnesses claim that Cruise with a little limp. Actor spent half an hour in the nearest restaurant KOI, where he made two phone calls, waiting for the arrival of doctors, said ArvoNews.

  Upon arrival, the ambulance Tom refused to go to the hospital, claiming that he feels fine. According to witnesses, Cruise spoke with the police and the driver of a brown SUV, which damaged his motorcycle. When the witnesses of the incident and expressed a desire to communicate with him, the man called Svoge behalf, saying: "Tom asked me to not speak about it. I'm good."

  Recall that a star of world cinema in its 47 years not only has a tremendous capacity for work, but differs from most of their pampered colleagues enviable courage. Tom Cruise does a very risky stunts, without the aid of stunt literally in each of the tapes, where he is involved. What prevented the actor to demonstrate their abilities in this case, remains behind the scenes, as well as the motivation of the representatives of Cruise, who refused to acknowledge what happened.

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