Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unique BMW will be sold at auction

  Unique BMW 328 will be exposed on auction RM Auctions in Monaco.

   Auction house RM Auctions found a fresh toy for autocollectors. On May, 1st on auction in Monaco will be exposed unique BMW 328. The Bavarian motorcar giant has released about 500 copies of the model, but the one, wich come into the hands RM, is really unique.

The car has been made in the single copy specially for participation in races Mille Miglia in 1940. BMW 328 have equipped with the 2,0-liter 80-strong motor. The body of the racing version has been facilitated in comparison with standard models. Besides the unique bavarian can brag of the sated history. After the Second World war the car has been grasped by Red Army as a trophy and lead some years in the East Europe. Present owner BMW 328 has bought it in 2001 and now is ready to leave it.

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