Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dutch designer has created the first model of Saab-Spyker (4 foto)

saab1.jpg   Dutch automobile designer Edward Gray presented his vision of the car, which could become the first joint model Saab and Spyker. According to the author's series of three-dimensional images, a concept called Saab Spyker 9 + Tribute reflects the idea of a harmonious fusion characteristics of both brands. In this case, said E. Gray, a result not only seems to mechanical coupling of disparate parts, and creates a completely new way of car of the future. The designer hopes that this project will allow him to compete for the
right to work in the headquarters of the Swedish Saab Trollhettene.

  Recall that a deal to sell Saab Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker ended on February 23. g. Under the deal, the amount of purchase Saab was 74 million dollars in cash. In addition, the Dutch company bought shares of Saab in the amount of $ 326 million One of the terms of the deal also has the consent of the European Investment Bank to provide Saab a loan of 400 million euros under the state guarantees the Swedish government.





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