Friday, March 12, 2010

In South Africa, developed electrocar Joule

131.jpg electric car
In South Africa, developed electrocar Joule At the Geneva Motor Show debut preproduction prototype of the electric Joule. Its creator is a South African company Optimal Energy, a partner in the design made famous studio Zagato. Four minivan driven transversely located 101 hp electric motor which develops 280 Nm of torque. Power Battery capacity of 36 kW * h further fueled by the recovery of braking energy, it is enough
for it to travel up to 230 miles at speeds up to 135 km / h. Discharged electric car is placed on the charging of household electrical outlet.

According to the company, has already made pilot batch of 100 copies of the Joule, which will be subjected to long-term tests. In Europe, the new electric vehicle will be in 2013, while the estimated price is at the level of 24 000 euros.



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