Wednesday, March 10, 2010

British electric car will fight for $ 10 million

    Electrocar E4 Coupe, designed by British firm Delta Motorsport, will compete for the grand prize - $ 10 million - in the competition of environmentally friendly cars X-Prize. This competition in 2010 will include five stages, and was organized by the insurance company Progressive Insurance.

   Conditions imposed on the participants of the contest is simple: electric car should be able to get at least 200 miles
without recharging (320 kilometers), and should be ready for mass production. Last year, the contest X-Prize was attended by more than 70 companies, including Tesla, Aptera, ZAP and the Loremo.

   In 2010, the results of the contest will take in September.

   Meanwhile, electric Delta E4 Coupe still only preparing for the first road tests. Running prototype will be built in April and went immediately to the first stage of the X-Prize in Michigan. Characteristics of this car has not reported: according to the calculations of designers, the new product will be able to accelerate to sixty miles per hour in five seconds, and its maximum speed exceeds 160 kilometers per hour.

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