Thursday, March 25, 2010

Europeans changed to environmentally friendly, compact cars

Europeans changed to environmentally friendly, compact cars.jpg     The share of small car segments A and B in the European fleet has increased in 2009 to 45% compared with 38% in 2008. Such data leads the European Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (ACEA), stressing that the segment of mini-cars only showed an increase in the crisis year 2009. Thus, the average for Western Europe, the volume of car motor was only 1,625 cubic meters. cm, which correlates with the level of 1991.

    In ASEAN also noted that the market share of diesel cars traditionally enjoy high popularity in Europe has declined from 52,7 to 45,9%. Experts attribute this to the fact that the diesel versions, firstly, the majority of expensive gasoline, and secondly, the active introduction of new technologies allows manufacturers to improve fuel-economic indicators of gasoline engines. It should be noted that the purchase of environmentally friendly models in many European countries is stimulated by the state.

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