Thursday, March 25, 2010

The driver has created congestion on the road to him sat an emergency plane

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      In southern California driver helped to avoid casualties during an emergency landing light aircraft on the roadway, said San Bernardino Sun newspaper, with reference to local authorities.

    The incident occurred on Wednesday night on intercity highways, located to the west of the city of Pomona. According to the road patrol Matt Lentz, single-engine Citabria plane suddenly went down, and the pilot John Findley decided to put the aircraft on the highway

   As the representative of the Fire Service Captain Ed Lozano, one of the motorists, seeing the declining path over the plane began to move in zigzags, thereby slowing down the whole flow of cars.
"The pilot noticed that someone had started a strange move to stop the movement and he could land the plane. This is to prevent the tragedy ", - said Lozano.

   As a result of the incident plane collided with any of the cars, and no one was hurt, but traffic on the highway for several hours was very difficult, the newspaper said.

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