Thursday, March 25, 2010

Supersedan Bugatti will appear in three years (4 photo)

Company Bugatti, is planning a three-year run in series production four door supersedan 16C Galibier, which was presented to the public in early March this year at the Motor Show in Geneva.

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   At the moment the final decision on the issue of such a vehicle has not yet been decided. However, according to sources, the magazine Autocar, top managers of the Volkswagen confident that the official statement about 16C Galibier on the conveyor will be announced immediately after selling a big stake in the manufacturer. Over 65 million of its preferred stock VW expects to rescue about four billion euros. Part of this amount will be directed to the production of new models of the concern.

   "One way or another, but we will be releasing this model (16C Galibier ). We are a very small company in the group VW, but also now an economic crisis, so questions about our activities and the release of the new machines are not a priority . Nevertheless, we expect that officially the launch of the sedan will be announced in the summer. So far, so good. The car
all liked it and run not require a huge financial impact in the context of the entire VW Group ", - said the source magazine Autocar in the company of Bugatti. According to him, 16C Galibier sedan will be released a limited edition of 300 copies. The cost of each vehicle, according to preliminary calculations, amount to about 1,5 million euros.
   Wheel drive sedan Bugatti 16C Galibier will be equipped with deforced to 800 horsepower W16 engine from eight liter supercar Veyron, which instead of four turbo-drive blowers are used. According to some reports, the engine is new items will not be paired with the robotic gearbox DSG dual-clutch (like hypercar Veyron), and with the usual eight-"automatic". As previously reported, the maximum speed of this car will make 350 miles per hour.

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