Friday, March 26, 2010

Opel hurry with the release of minicar

Opel hurry with the release of minicar.jpg   Nick Reilly has promised dealers Opel «put pressure" with the development of a new compact model of the company.

   Before the advent of new ultra-compact model, Opel is still quite a long time, but the automaker is trying to raise around him as much as possible noise. At a meeting with Germanic dealers brands Opel and Chevrolet's CEO Nick Reilly assured those that automakers will accelerate the development of the new items.

   Reilly also announced that all future Opel cars will be developed exclusively in Germany. "He explained that the stamp" Made in Germany "will be visible on all future vehicles", - said Thomas
Billing (Thomas Bieling), a company representative VDOH, Dealer Opel in Germany.
   As a compact new items, so long as this project is just beginning to take shape. Opel intention to create a model that would have a step below Corsa, emphasized the company's management more than once. At the last Geneva Motor Show, Reilly said he hoped that the car will come on the market in 2012, and has to 2014 will be an electric version.

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