Friday, March 26, 2010

Ferrari 458 Italia has brought half a million for Haitians

Ferrari 458 Italia has brought half a million for Haitians.jpg   During the presentation Italia Ferrari 458 in the U.S., the first instance of the model sold at the charity auction.

   Global automotive industry continues to help residents of the island Haiti, Survivors of disaster. After General Motors, Chrysler and Lotus, felt good to a company Ferrari. Recently, the Italian automaker has a U.S. presentation of a new 458 Italia and a small charity auction.

   The main lot was Ferrari 458 Italia. Not that the guests heavily imbued with the fate of Haitians, not the Italian sports car was for them so desirable, but in the end the car went under the hammer for 530,000 dollars. Another 72 thousand dollars was saved for the Ferrari racing suit Fernando
Alonso and two tickets to the Grand Prix of Canada.

   All proceeds will go Catholic Medical Mission Board - CMMB in the Bill Clinton Foundation, which, in turn, spend them to help residents of the island.

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