Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Ferrari 458 Italia was sold at auction (4 photo)

Ferrari 458 supercar.jpg    Last week Ferrari 458 Italia was presented officially. The guest list was very limited, it included celebrities and the most famous clients of the company.

   As befits a first version of the supercar Ferrari 458 Italia was sold at auction and the money went to charity, in this case to help the victims in Haiti. Guests were set very friendly, and the first model went for 530 000 dollars.

   It is not known when the Ferrari 458 Italia will go on sale, and will be accessible to a wider range of longing. One thing is sure, at the motor show in New York, 458 does not seem, therefore, is still considered a photographs.

Ferrari 458 supercar 1.jpg

Ferrari 458 supercar 2.jpg

Ferrari 458 supercar 3.jpg

Ferrari 458 supercar 4.jpg

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