Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updated Audi TT and the new VW Touran will appear at the motor show in Leipzig (2 photo)

Audi TT.jpg
   According to the organizers of the international motor show in Leipzig, which will be held from 10 to 18 April this year, in addition to the new BMW 5-Series and the version of BMW Touring a German saloon will world premiere - an updated version of his beloved Audi TT.

   In addition, also reported that Volkswagen will present its novelty, based on the platform of Golf, compact
minivan Touran.

   No details on these claims was not released. It is worth recalling that the day of the press motor show will be held on the eve of the opening - 09 April, there can only be completely aware of all the events and what they are going to submit to the court.

Audi TT 1.jpg

Audi TT 2.jpg
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