Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christina Aguilera has helped Haiti new model Chrysler (1photo 1video)

   The stars of the world of show business for his own PR trying to seize the slightest pretext - whether it be a secular party with the presence of the press, the scandalous details of his personal life or even unruly elements such as earthquake disaster in Haiti, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. It was recently forced the American singer Christina Aguilera to have to try their hand at design of a new car model.
  Pop star created the interior design of the new car Chrysler 300, known as EcoStyle By Christina
Aguilera. The model is made from recycled materials, which are much easier to follow utilization than the standard "counterparts". According to the company, Cristina created the design of the car, "based on their experience and preferences

  Art car in white will be put up for auction. Proceeds from the sale of machinery, will transfer to help victims of the earthquake to the population of Haiti, which is currently the fashionable trend.

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