Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Concern GM introduced prototypes of future cars

Concern GM introduced prototypes of future cars.jpg   At the exhibition in Shanghai General Motors concern presented three versions of the new concept car EN-V, which are created in order to demonstrate how this may look like a small city car in the near future. Prototypes were developed in conjunction with a Chinese partner of GM - the company SAIC, but the design of each of them carried out by various studios, but for the assembly and engineering meet the research department of the American group in Michigan, USA. This publication reports Autocar.

   Overall length and width of each version of the prototype EN-V
averaged 1.22 meters and height - 1.83 meters. Concept cars, bodies which are made of plastic and carbon, have two seats and are driven by two electric motors three-kilowatt located in the wheels and powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries. According to the GM, a power reserve of EN-V with a fully charged battery is about 40 kilometers, a maximum speed does not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. How to find engineers, similar characteristics are appropriate for future cars that will be used in congested metropolitan areas in 20-30 years.

   The prototypes are equipped with an "electronic" control (instead of mechanical linkages in the steering electronics), and are capable of exchanging data between vehicles, taking advantage of global positioning system GPS. Electric with special video cameras monitor the area around the car and analyze the movement of each of the neighboring cars. Hopefully the GM, in future, such security will be totally free from accidents.

   Developers note that the concept cars can operate in fully automatic mode, without the driver before reaching the desired goal. For example, a car owner can own to take them to work, then call in recharger and a specific time to return to the driver to take him home.

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