Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BMW 3-Series new-generation hatchback

BMW 3-Series new-generation hatchback will.jpg   At the disposal of magazine Automobile there were details about scale of cars BMW 3-Series following generation (intracorporate designation F30). In the line model will hatch and the first of the new products - the machine with the body "sedan" - will be presented at the end of next year and will go on sale in March 2012.

   Followed by a sedan - in September 2012 - to the dealers do the wagon, then - Coupe (September 2013th) and Convertible (March 2014-go). Hatchback 3-Series named Grand Turismo, is expected to debut in March 2013. The silhouette of this car will resemble
a car 5-Series GT, but a third series will be the usual door luggage, and not "double-wing" as a "five".

   Automotive family BMW 3-Series the next generation will be built on a new chassis with the front suspension from "edinichki" second generation (codenamed F20), but not with double wishbones, which are used for other models of the German brand. The appearance of a new "three rubles will be done in the style 5-Series, and its dimensions compared to its predecessor slightly increased. Note that the hatchback and wagon will have a longer wheelbase in order to be able to increase the free space in the cabin and trunk volume.

   In the range of engines the new 3-Series will upgraded four-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, develops 136 horsepower and 252, and 150 - and 245-hp turbo diesel of a similar size. U "charged" version of eight-420-horsepower engine will be replaced by a three-liter "six" with two turbines. Power of this unit of 450 horsepower.

   As reported previously, the new products, engineers also plan to reduce air resistance coefficient to 0.24. Such indicators in the company intend to achieve by improving the aerodynamics in the hood space in the wheel arches, around the wheels and brakes, as well as underneath. According to representatives of BMW, the distribution of air flow in these areas plays a crucial role in aerodynamics. However, only 40 per cent rate of air resistance depends on the proportions and shape of the body.

   Note that the "3" next generation will anterior motor and rear wheel drive (four-wheel drive - remains an option), and also receives eight-automatic transmission.

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