Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pamela Anderson has saved a whales' man's honor from carmakers

Pamela Anderson has saved a man's honor whales from carmakers.jpg   Russian car maker Russo-Balt, who turned out last year at the epicenter of an international scandal involving extravagant materials used in the decoration of super luxury SUV "Promarmor" whose value is calculated in a six-figure euro, rehabilitated himself, to find to decorate the car equivalent, against the use of which no objection environmentalists.

   "Russo-Balt" presented a Porsche 911, finishing in the interior of which used an artificial replacement of whale skin, made of vinyl. According to the developers, to touch the material exactly
reproduces the natural analogue. By car you can see the logo with the inscription "Save the whales", said Finam with reference to the WCF.

   Recall that in November last year, the company announced the use of a car interior decoration Dartz Promarmor Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV Leather foreskin penis whale, but was forced to abandon their plans in response to numerous complaints from animal rights groups. International environmental organizations have expressed outrage at the use of a luxury car exterior skin genitals of the largest mammals on Earth.

   Angry letters to the manufacturer's written by representatives of Greenpeace, WWF World Wildlife, and even an American film star Pamela Anderson, who has learned that a car seat covered with skin removed from the penis of a whale.

   The company said in a press release stating: "We had no purpose to kill whales, or perform something like that. All that we want - just create a luxury car. A truly exclusive, world's number one ... We are looking for the most expensive materials, which is why chose your skin from whale penises. After a wave of protests, we realized their mistake and had decided not to use natural skin. We will focus on the most advanced nanotechnology, artificial materials to get the highest quality, which has never been used in automobile.

   We want to welcome all the whales: "Our marine brothers, we all know that the earth rests on three pillars - we save your life, do not let the land fall into the ocean!"

   Also, we have decided to focus more on the glass: for the new models we will use glass, produced by special technology from crystals grown with the addition of gold. This glass will absorb the harmful rays of the sun.

   On assurances of the creators, the car is equipped with gold-plated bullet-proof windows, instrument panel encrusted with diamonds and rubies.

  Luxury bids "Prom armor, built in 2008 in cooperation with the Riga company Darts Grupa, was shown at an exhibition of exclusive cars in the Top Marques Monaco, where he enjoyed the warm words from the Prince of Monaco Albert II, whose security services convinced of the merits of the machine.

  "Prom armor" is available in two versions - Coupe (Hardtop) and wagon (St.Wagon) and is equipped with 400-horsepower gasoline engine or a 360-horsepower diesel engine, disbanded the 4.5-ton armored car to 180 km / hour. Of course, there are all imaginable and unimaginable "extras - leather upholstery, multi-zone climate control, xenon lights, adjustable seats with eight-way adjustable, rear-view camera, a great stereo system, etc.

   But the main problem of the car - to preserve life riders. The car is offered with a range of packages protection up to higher B7, which means, for example, armor-piercing bullets for AK-47 and the ability to withstand even the explosions of solid strength.

   As a bonus, buyers promise to give the three most expensive bottles of vodka. There are rumors that the car has an interest in a potential buyer from Vladivostok.

  Prom armor Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV already using artificial decoration will be presented at the exhibition Top Marques Monaco, which will be held in April this year.

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