Thursday, March 25, 2010

Special Edition Mazda Axela Sport (Mazda3)

Special Edition Mazda Axela Sport (Mazda3).jpg   Mazda Motor Corporation announced the release of special issue of the Axela Sport (also known as a hatchback Mazda3).

   Special Edition, which reportedly offers attractive specifications, and new security system has gone on sale in Japan, the cost of which is located in the range of 19 500 ... 20 500.

    Version 1.5 S Style is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine, 15 or 16-inch alloy wheels, unique thresholds, LED lights and tinted glass (rear door and the door of the luggage). The model with 16-inch wheels optional leather sheath was steering wheel and 4.1-inch color
display computer bots. All models have audio, climate control and other most popular options.
   Recall that for about three months ago, Mazda released a special version of another two models, namely, the Mazda Axela and Mazda Biante, which were equipped with i-stop, unfortunately Mazda Axela Sport version has not been awarded such an honor.

Special Edition Mazda Axela Sport (Mazda3) 1.jpg

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