Friday, March 5, 2010

The new Cayenne

 I remember, at one time, the    Porsche company was heavily   criticized for the fact that the sports car manufacturer decided to produce an SUV. Some very clever "experts" predicted failure, saying that Porsche buyers would never
take a car for dirt. But it turned the other way around - Cayenne instantly became the most popular model of Porsche and brought her fabulous profits. Therefore, all so eagerly awaiting the premiere of brand new Cayenne. And then, finally, we were able to see this car is "alive".

   With regard to the salon, there is all too predictable. But in any case not boring! Inside the Cayenne made in the same style as the 5-door Panamera. If you are going to buy a new Cayenne, then be prepared for the fact that the salon you will be surrounded by a large number of buttons that you can adjust many things. Even the "hammer" is activated via a button. Some say that because of this car will not be able to slide in the turns ... do not believe these stories. Assure you, Porsche engineers have configured the Cayenne, that this machine could be "drift" and without "parking brake". Of course, if you know

  The hybrid Cayenne. Yes, and this will now be, and in Geneva showed serial hybrid! The power plant is exactly the same as the Volkswagen Touareg a new generation. That is, 333-strong petrol engine volume 3.3 liters working in a pair of electric power 34 kW (47 hp). The total capacity of the two engines of 380 hp, but attention should focus not only on the number of "horses", but the amount of torque. Because the maximum torque of 580 N • m can be obtained only at 1000 rpm. A total of one thousand!

   Interestingly, the construction of the hybrid engine is such that if you want the driver can move solely on electric, though not for too long. And no faster than 60 km / h. Also, electric motor will effectively accelerate - for buyers of Porsche it is very important. By the way, the flow rate. Cayenne Hybrid spends every 100 km on average only 8.2 liters of gasoline! And it takes into account 380 "horses" under the hood.

  And in general, the new Porsche Cayenne will be a very cost-effective motors. Compared with its predecessor, the engines are spending on average 23% less fuel than before. Most cars will have a modest 3.6-liter "six" (300 hp). 8-cylinder unit, as before, will have two versions. Atmospheric gives 400 hp (was previously 385 bhp) and turbo for 500 hp As for diesel engine, its characteristics have not changed: 3.0 liter, V6, 240 hp and 550 N • m

  Together with the engine will work a new automatic transmission, which has eight steps. In addition, all cars will be equiped the system "stop-start ", which can be "OFF" or "ON".

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