Friday, March 26, 2010

What will be the next Porsche 911?

What will be the next Porsche 911.jpg   Already in 2011, Porsche will present the next generation of the legendary Model 911

   A car with an index 998 currently exceed passes the tests. The appearance of an heir is unlikely to be a revelation for fans of the brand. Rather, the design model will be implemented as features of the current 911, and original elements used in the Panamera and the new Cayenne. According to preliminary information, the car will be slightly lower and wider and more dynamic profile.

   The car has a little to change the location and shape of the front optics. In addition the side mirrors will move to the corners of glass on the door, as it was in the last 911 with air-cooled engine (993 series).
The taillights of the new generation Porsche 911 (and possibly the front) will be fully LED. The concept of the power unit is uniquely remain the same - gasoline boxer "six" with direct fuel injection, but it is possible that even the basic version of the new items will be equipped with turbo.

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