Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Company "Cobb Tuning" has created a biofuels Nissan GT-R

75.jpg   American studio Cobb Tuning has made the Japanese coupe Nissan GT-R more "green"

  Now his turbo is capable of working on biofuel E85, which consists of 85% of ethanol (derived from corn) and 15% of conventional gasoline. The octane number of such a mixture is approximately 105, which resulted in the growth of engine power. It is true that the power unit "coped" with the new fuel, it equipped the more productive Deatchwerks injectors and two fuel pumps, Walbro 255. Not without its straight-flow exhaust system. As a result - "the heart» Nissan GT-R now gives 574 hp the rear wheels!

  The sponsors assert that additional tuning of the system will increase these rates up to 600 hp Well, the alternative of biofuels is a rather good prospects in the world of tuning.

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