Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy tuning from India

9o.jpgThe head of the Indian tuning-studio DC Designs Dilil Chhabari never ceases to amaze his overly ambitious projects and overflowing imagination and complete lack of sense of humor. The new creation Dilila Chhabari called the DC Black Ruby is a sports coupe and Nissan 350Z, stylized under the Rolls-Royce Phantom. However, Indian designers to combine the incompatible - a monumental front of an English aristocrat and the guillotine door, as if borrowed from Ferrari Enzo.

On the technical characteristics of the machine have not been announced, we only know that the car has a five-speed automatic transmission. And all would be nothing, that's only a "masterpiece" Black Ruby "Dilil Chhabari with his lack of sense of humor appreciated as much as a 865 000 euro or $ 1 176 000. In this connection there is one legitimate question - who in their right mind would buy that kind of money for the Nissan 350Z with a grille of Rolls-Royce Phantom? If the same amount you can take not only the Phantom, but also Rolls-Royce Ghost in the bargain.



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