Friday, January 22, 2010

Naomi Campbell will promote Marussia

Russian supercar Marussia, developed with the participation of a showman and a professional race car driver Nikolai Fomenko, will advertise Naomi Campbell. Already photographed a series of promotional commercials featuring supermodel.

Despite of the Russian origin and speaking the name of supercars, the main market,
likely to see, outside of Russia. In Eastern Europe production facility is being built for the production of the car - according to Fomenko, be produced more cheaply outside of Russia. Total plans to build 3 factories.

   Recall supercar was presented to the world at an auto show in Fraknfurte this year. 3.6-liter engine was designed specifically for Marussia by Cosworth. The engine will be offered in six versions, ranging from 245 to 420 hp and aggregated only with six-speed automatic. In what follows, the engine will be adapted for the transmission of any customer order.

   Cost supercar is about 100 000 euros. In 2010 model line will add two crossover and sedan. According to unconfirmed information, the company has already 15 pre-paid orders.

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