Friday, February 26, 2010

Rolls-Royce Ghost for Arabs (1 video)

  Recently, many tuning-studio began to develop cars specifically for the rich Arab countries. It is understandable - a crisis forces the shift priorities from the U.S. and Europe to the Middle East. Another "Arabic" project will show in Geneva, the German studio Mansory.

  What you need to humble owner of a personal oil well and a bank account with nine zeros? Living on the same in Abu Dhabi? That's right, car, emphasizing its status. And Rolls-Royce Ghost suit for the best possible way. The machine is new and not yet had time to become familiar on the roads of the UAE. But just Ghost looks like something boring and Arab standards, poor little. That is why designers Mansory first thing armed with a sprayer, filled by a specially designed gold lacquer and painted the grille, sills, side panels and rims "under the gold. And the body itself, rather than so popular in the UAE in white, painted sky-blue frosting. For studio Mansory, known for its luxury cars, of course, would have been easily gild painted details. But then the price of this car probably would offend Arab sheikhs. Because it would have been prohibitive, even for owners of private oil wells. Therefore, the focus of Mansory paid no exterior, and the salon.
    First German intererschiki simply demolished under the root of all the interior decoration of Rolls-Royce Ghost. Then install the new seat "air" type, and the entire cabin equipped with LED lighting in the image of business jet airline Emirates. But this is not important. In the finishing room was used by the finest, special tanning leather, encrusted in diamonds! A much about such "trifles" as insertion of carbon and polished bamboo, and mention something not worth it. As pro Alcantara trimmed interior of the roof, doors and front panel.
   But the alterations have not ended. "Special" from Mansory and looked under the hood. Despite its size, Rolls-Royce Ghost, even in "basic" configuration can hardly be called a slow car. English aristocrat with Bavarian 6.6-liter 563-horsepower heart is capable of much. But after the minders Mansory established sports catalyst, reflash "brains" of the control unit engine, conjured over the system of intake / output and installed two turbocharger, horsepower increased to 720 hp and 1020 N • m Eightfold "automatic" as has been finalized, an electronic "dog collar" rate kicked the discard, after which the Germans were reported about new developments - the maximum speed of 310 km / h, acceleration to 4.4 with the first hundred.

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