Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bentley Continental became three-door hatchback

637.jpg   Italian design studio Carrozeria Touring Superleggera presented at the Geneva Motor Show hatchback Flying Star, established on the base convertible Bentley Continental GTC.

  In comparison with the standard convertible Flying Star has received an extended roof and new rear steel fenders, and aluminum door panels and trunk lid with electric. Overall length of the three-door station universal is 4815 millimeters (almost an inch longer than the convertible), width - 1943 mm (two inches longer), and height - 1395 mm (three millimeters below). According to the Carrozeria Touring Superleggera, the mass of new items is 1500 kilograms - about a ton less than the standard car.


  The volume of trimmed tree trunk Bentley Continental Flying Star is 400 liters, with an increase up to 1200 liters with the addition of rear seats. Note that the volume of the luggage compartment at the convertible is 370 liters.

  Three-door universal will be equipped with shestilitrovym 560-horsepower W12 engine with two turbochargers from the usual open Bentley Continental GTC or the forced 600-strong version of "charged" modification of Speed. According to the studio, from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour with a new base engine will be dispersed in 4,8 seconds. Maximum speed will be 322 kilometers per hour.

  Prices on this controversial brainchild of Italian designer will take 590 thousand euros. Serve car can be on conventional stations Bentley.

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