Monday, March 29, 2010

In STARTECH have worked with Jaguar XJ

    Tune the new Jaguar XJ has not taken any studio, because the car is already elegant design and is designed for a very respectable clients, but this has not stopped German tuner engineers STARTECH.

   Tuners worked as with the exterior and interior space XJ, guided, all at the same premium car.

   Before the Jaguar XJ has received a new bumper with generous air intakes, LED headlamps. Arch car slightly increased, a new rear diffuser with integrated exhaust
pipes paired to the trunk lid spoiler was added neat.

   Rims for Jaguar XJ are made to order, STARTECH Monostar J Diamond, size 21-inch, with polished to a mirror shine surface. Planting a car has decreased by 30 mm, due to finalize suspension.

   Particular attention was paid to the STARTECH interior, where the skin appeared Alacantra, with a huge selection of color performance, as well as the receiver proposes to create a salon that something is something the captain's quarters, through the use of specific wood and leather used on river boats.

In STARTECH have worked with Jaguar XJ 2

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