Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The majority of owners BMW 1-Series, think that their cars are front-wheel !!!

BMW 1-Series.jpg    About 80 percent of owners of cars of family BMW 1-Series, believe that their car are front-wheel drive. These figures have been sounded by the executive director of BMW, Norbert Reythofer, reports Automotive News.

    According to him, the results of a survey conducted among car owners for the company were "a few surprise" - a BMW now, there is no front-wheel drive platform, with the exception of the chassis used for the production of MINI.

    However, in the future front-wheel BMW
to emerge. As previously reported by foreign media, citing sources within the German company, BMW is considering the possibility of producing a family of compact-car platform based MINI - these machines would have stood on the step below the BMW 1-Series and would have amounted to compete with the new model Audi - A1. By 2015, BMW intends to sell about a million of these machines (including models MINI, built on the same chassis).

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