Friday, March 5, 2010

Star Time To Mazda 6 and Mazda MX-5

  Japanese automaker Mazda has shown in Geneva updated version of the Mazda 6, as well as a special modification Roadster MX-5, issued on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary of the sports car.

   Model Mazda6 with a small "plastic" was upgraded chassis and a new 4-cylinder 2-liter gasoline engine with direct injection power of 155 hp In addition, the unit in a power line includes two upgraded gasoline engine of 1.8 and 2.5 liters and 2.2-liter diesel engine plant in three capacities - from 129 to 180 hp

  The latest newcomer to the Geneva Motor Show was the Mazda Roadster MX-5 20th Anniversary Edition. Externally novelty differs from the standard roadster 17-inch wheels, chrome bezel grille, head-optics. In the lounge car appeared steel plate with the inscription "20th Anniversary" and the number of vehicles, exclusive mats, body-colored front panel, aluminum foot pedals. For painting body roadster has three colors: red, white and blue.

  At the market will go 2 thousand copies of "overalls", each of which will be staffed with cloth roof, and 1.8-liter gasoline engine power of 126 hp Cost Mazda MX-5 20th Anniversary Edition will be £ 16,850.





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