Monday, March 1, 2010

Top-10 useful automobile gadgets

   The attractiveness of modern cars is largely determined by their "stuffing", so they are equipped with more powerful electronic devices. However, some never or almost never used by the masters, and some totally useless. Fortunately, useful gadgets much more - great news for car owners. Rate this list, in which there is habitual, and quite exceptional device.

1. Highlighting the "Starry Sky"

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

  Our list begins with the very expensive pleasure: it is not even a gadget, it's new type of interior
Rolls-Royce, called the Phantom Coupe. Salon is equipped with 1,600 LEDs from the fiber which brightness is regulated as to you dictate your needs or vanity. This salon will help relax the person who presumes
to get new Rolls-Royce for $400 000.

2. System Chrono Package

Porsche 911

From time to time the Porsche 911 is still used on the road in full force. The navigation system of this car makes it possible not only to find the right path among the multitude of roads - helps the device to calculate the time spent on the trip, average speed, the volume of spent fuel. Panel device is divided into digital and analog - choose which like more. In addition, you can download the results of races in portable device and brag to your friends. At least this is safer than the lead car at a crazy speed, and at the same time, note the time on the stopwatch.

3. iDrive


  Before you start making sarcastic remarks and lose control of yourselves, know this: the first version of BMW iDrive represented not the navigator, it was a huge headache for the driver. But we are not talking about that old misunderstanding based on Windows. BMW engineers were able to find a solution acceptable to all and have created an improved device, which is a universal driver's assistant. In addition, the new device is much easier to find the features and information.

4. TV for passengers Sirius Backseat TV

Dodge Grand Caravan

  Very useful system which can entertain passengers of yours Dodge. A very useful system that can entertain the passengers of your Dodge. However, most of this gadget is suitable for children, because the device comes with a contract to connect Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, the sports channels in the package are not included, so you and your friends will have to suffer. Although, if you like cartoons ...

5. Manettino

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

In the 430 Scuderia Ferrari F430 capabilities have been significantly expanded, largely thanks to the system Manettino. This multi-purpose management system for the car - the center of the system is improved steering wheel, with which aid the management of the entire system, which is similar to the system installed in cars F1. Set the parameters in the sports mode - and the car will please you with a smooth running at high speed, which certainly will give you self confidence. If you select races, will be able to fully enjoy the capabilities of the car.

6. Audio system Naim Audio System

Bentley Azure

Forget about impressions which have remained with you after driving HMS Bentley Azure (to tell the truth, it is not necessary for me to try especially)))). This year you must get behind the wheel of this car, at least for one reason. This reason is called Naim Audio System. This compact audio professional level, which can satisfy the most demanding music lover. The system includes 11 speakers and two subwoofers.

7. SI-Drive


If there is a good gadget, it means that there can be the best. About this gadget can tell for a long time - Subaru is tried, in order to give an adequate response to BMW with iDrive. This model is designed to model Legacy and Outback. The system is designed to improve "living conditions" of the driver - bearing in mind even in what mood you are now. The system has several modes, and can flexibly adapt to the owner.

8. Night vision device Night Vision

BMW 5-Series

This is not the first night vision device in the car production, but this gadget is particularly useful refinement. With it you can always see a person or animal passing on the road your car under cover of darkness (at a distance of up to 270 meters!). Accuracy and image sharpness greatly exceeds the sharpness of similar systems.

9. Personal Car Communicator

Volvo S80

Communicators with remote (voice) management still remained the prerogative of luxury cars. This gadget allows you to control your car remotely - to light and extinguish the lights and the light in the cabin, raise and lower the trunk, open and close the locks on the doors. The device is positioned as a safety gadget for motorists - try to start the car remotely and wait - suddenly someone decided to put a bomb?

10. OnStar

Cars General Motors

The gadget is a complete communication system, which provides for the possibility of Hazard or call the ambulance at the touch of a button, a hands-free device may also perform diagnostics of your car. In addition, if a car with such a system is stolen, you can safely stop the remote car thief, just stopped the engine of your car.

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