Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alfa Romeo Giulia now sedan?

Alfa Romeo Giulia.jpg    As already mentioned, the new model Alfa Romeo Giulietta intended to replace the market several hatchbacks, but now there is information on the development of the sedan Giulia, which would leave it replaced the 159.

Based on the platform C / D, sedan gets front suspension McPherson, as well as the Alfa 159, it is likely
to be front-wheel drive, but four-wheel drive version will also be ordered. And under the hood of the new sedan should be a huge amount of petrol and diesel engines and a system MultiAir.

In contrast to the MiTo, line Giulietta had already received hatchback, four-door sedan is expected to Giulia and then we can talk about the five-door version of the wagon. Subsequently, we can expect and the version of GTA, a capacity not less than 300 horsepower, all wheel drive and dual-clutch transmission seven-speed, lightweight body that ultimately allow us to achieve 350 hp

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