Thursday, April 1, 2010

Confiscated Mercedes-Benz owned by Hamilton sold at auction

   The car of racer Formula-1 Lewis Hamilton on which it has been detained by the Australian police, has been sold on internal auction among dealers Mercedes-Benz, Melbourne newspaper The Age informs. Plans of the dealer concerning this Mercedes still unknown.

   According to the newspaper, the representative of the Australian unit Daimler, Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG,
fitted with a V8 engine capacity of 6.2 liters, was sold to one of the dealers in Melbourne. The minimum value of the car at the auction was 148,900 dollars, and eventually the car was sold at 7000 dollars more expensive.

   The difference between the nominal and the final cost will be donated to charity. "We have no intention to make money on this sale, - said the senior manager of Communications Mercedes-Benz Australia David McCarthy Australian edition Brisbane - The entire amount above the actual cost of the vehicle will be transferred to a charitable trust Alannah and Madeleine."

   Personal Hamilton's Mercedes-Benz was in the center of the scandal before the Australian Grand Prix on March 26. Briton was detained by police, improper use of the vehicle "when skidded on the ground, with the smoke from under the wheels.

   The car was confiscated, and later bought by a friend of the owner of McLaren, a team which Hamilton advocated in the World Cup, and returned to the Mercedes-Benz company. Hamilton apologized for his actions, but his behavior was rude criticized the minister of roads from Victoria province, in which located Melbourne, Tim Pallas.

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