Thursday, April 1, 2010

Volvo V70 - five stars from ADAC

Volvo V70 - five stars from ADAC
   Swedish companies still have much to boast about, this time the notorious club ADAC awarded engine V70 DRIVe five stars, after the passage of the annual eco-test.
   Printer engine V70 DRIVe consume fuel in the 4.9 liter. 100 km, emitting 129 g / km of CO2. "In various tests, Volvo V70 showed the lowest performance impact on the environment in its class.And the tests were over a thousand cars of different brands, in addition to Volvo V70 similar characteristics have been registered in two cars, but they are hybrids, so the first car with a V70 internal combustion engine has received such recognition. Tests were given in the real world operation of vehicles.

   However, this is not the first prize for Volvo from ADAC. Back in February, the organization noted automotive active safety systems at Volvo XC60, which in case of danger or probability of a collision itself begins braking.

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