Monday, March 22, 2010

GM Daewoo recalls 50 thousand cars

   Company GM Daewoo (full name - General Motors Daewoo Auto and Technology) announced a recall of cars that have been found to factory defects. This March 21 reported AFP.

   Within the service campaign will be revoked for a total of 58 thousand 696 cars sold mainly in South Korea. At the same time, the automaker said, further review may be expanded and then he touches and cars sold abroad.

   Of the number to be delivered before recall 45957 cars are SUVs Winstorm (in the rest of the world known as the Chevrolet Captiva), issued in 2006-2007, 12604 - Sedan Lacetti Premiere (Chevrolet Cruze) 2009-2010 lineup, while
the remaining 135 - Microvans Damas production in 2009. I first discovered the defect steering wheel, the second - the marriage of the fuel hose, and in case of MPV - were not met the requirements of fire safety.

    GM Daewoo detects defects in their cars not the first time. In December 2009 the company announced the recall of 30 751 subkompaktnogo Hatchback Matiz Creative because the defect airbags.

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