Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The head of Ford earned $ 18 million for the year

Ford.jpg   By results of 2009 revenue CEO of Ford Alan Myullali totaled 18 million. About this newspaper writes Detnews.com. This is a million dollars more than in 2008.

   Myullalis revenues rose, despite a 30 per cent reduction in his salary (from 2 to 1,4 million U.S. dollars) and the rejection of bonuses. The main income of the head of "Ford" has received from the growth yield of shares of the company - it Myullali earned about
$ 16 million.

   President of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford, the grandson of Henry Ford, in 2009, again refused compensation - for the fifth consecutive year. However, according to analysts, its income will still get lower than that Myullali - 16,8 million U.S. dollars.

   For comparison, the income of the executive director of General Motors, Edward Whitacre in 2009, amounted to about nine million dollars.

Representatives of Ford this week also have reported on the use of private aircraft fleet - to get rid of the five "jets" American concern has promised a government commission back in 2008 (for cost). However, none of these aircraft have not found a new owner. "We closed a hangar and put the aircraft for sale, but is not the best time to trade private" jets ", - said representatives of the concern.

Now Ford executives using two leased business jets, and other staff members are flying regular commercial airlines.

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