Monday, March 29, 2010

Paparazzi stole Hennessey Supercar debut

Paparazzi stole Hennessey Supercar debut.jpg    Tomorrow, the American tuning-studio Hennessey Performance planned to formally present one of the fastest and most powerful supercars - Venom GT. Alas, the expected effect from the event will be somewhat "smeared" by the actions of photojournalists, declassified the exterior of the car
for a few days before the premiere.

    Supercar Hennessey Venom GT, built on the basis of British Lotus Elise, according to preliminary information, is equipped with V-shaped "figure eight" with two turbines.

     Motor news has three variants of power: 725, 1 000 and 1 200 hp The most powerful version of the American supercar "off" from their seats to "hundreds" of 2.2 seconds and top speed, according to TopSpeed, reach 420 km / hour. According to other publications, "max speed" model will be slightly higher - 440 km / hour.

   Rear wheel drive supercar with a manual gearbox is expected to issue a limited edition. Estimated cost Hennessey Venom GT is $ 600,000, which is almost two times cheaper than 1001-strong supercar Bugatti Veyron.

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