Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aston Martin One-77: The roof will be useless?

Aston Martin One-77.jpg   British company Aston Martin, who had managed to sell all 77 instance of One-77 supercar before the assembly of the car in the next couple of years may bring to market an open version of the One-77 coupe. And although the company from commenting on this topic abstain, do not be surprised if Aston Martin follows the example of Lamborghini, established at the base coupe Reventon Roadster.

   Convertible Aston Martin One-77 Volante, as the coupe will be equipped with 700-horsepower V12. Getting to the "hundreds" open version of the British supercar will be able to accelerate less than 4 seconds, top speed will be slightly above 300 km / hour. For comparison, the coupe with 700 hp engine gaining first "hundred" in 3,5 seconds, and claimed "max speed" is equal to 320 km / hour. During the testing engineers have disperse Aston Martin One-77 to 355 km / hour.

   Expected that the convertible will market a limited edition of 77 copies. The cost of model will exceed $ 1.5 million.

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