Friday, April 2, 2010

Fiat 500C Sassicaia from Aznom

   once again received a new issue, which is developed by and named it Aznom Sassicaia. This is the second time Aznom produces a modification of this particular model, first appeared back in 2007. Special Issue Sassicaia is a tribute to the Italian wines from Toscana.

   It is well known that alcohol and cars are not compatible, but we must admit that the car's appearance was very attractive. Two-tone body and original side mirrors can not fail to attract attention.

    The interior is also made of two-tone leather, which is wrapped steering wheel, seats and doors, the emblem Sassicaia also present on the dashboard.

   Unfortunately to get a special edition will be very difficult, as released will be relatively limited.Cost Fiat 500C Sassicaia will be about 7 900 Euros.

   In the range of engines there is no change, which means the presence of the same three engines, two petrol and one diesel. The top range is the 1.4-liter 16V, 100 hp at 6 000 rpm and 131 Nm of torque, issued on 4 250 rpm. In other words, the dispersal of hundreds at Fiat 500C Sassicaia from Aznom takes 11 seconds, at a maximum speed of 182 km / h.

Fiat 500 5

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1 comment:

Melanie said...

The exterior looks amazing but I'm not so keen in the interior. It just seems contrary to my idea of a city car. And it seems at odds with the 500 itself too, this interior makes me think of an elderly driver with a tin of boiled sweets.

But that's just me and my admittedly strange ideas.:P